Water Plants

#1- Hardy ,shallow water(2-4") or consistently wet, #2- Tropical, shallow(2-4") or consistently wet: submerged, #3- Water Lilies-plant 3-4' deep, #4- Floating, #5- Submerged oxygenators-act as natural filters

Water Plants 2019
Rudbeckia lancinata [tall #3 sun-ps/wd-10'-unusual green-centers surrounded by bright yellow petals; perfect for streambanks & ponds;bees & hummers
Caltha paultris Plena #1 much loved for their showy yellow buttercups that grace streamsides and other wet places in early spring.
Iris lou Black Gamerock #3 this one has stunning, purple-black blooms up to 6" across. Thrives in a well-watered garden or naturally wet area.
Iris pseudocarus Variegata #1 Sun-Ps, smooth narrow foliage & dark yellow flowers 36"
Juncus e spiralis #1 Sun-Ps corkscrew-like green foliage, interesting 18-24"
Lobelia Star Scarlet #3 2'; Free flowering,floriferous,very attractive to hummers; scarlet blooms & near black stems
Lysmachia( creeping Jenny) #1 bright green wavy leaves, agressive ground cover.
Water Hyacinth #4 lrg thick leaves with lavender fls,very nice, use proper fertilizer
Water Lily Pink Sensation #3 The brightest & best pink
Water Lily Marliac #3 X variety,vigorous & very hardy. White with yellow stamens..fragrant, an award winning white lily


Helpful Hint: every season add the proper plants tabs to feed those plants that are containerized for maximum beauty