2024 Trees

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Key Terms:

Wd – Well drained
M – Moist
W – Woodland
HR – Humus Rich
DH – Deadhead
S – Sandy
PS – Part Shade
FS – Full Sun
P – Poor

LM – Leaf Mold
F – Fertile
MT – Moisture Retentive
X – Excellent
Gc – Ground Cover
N – Neutral
AC – Acid
A – Alkaline
^ – Winter Protection

PS – usually means that it will require early morning sun & not noonday sun.

BOLD – indicates new this year!

Image Species Culture Price Download
Acer pal Bloodgood sun-ps/M/wd/f/prune-25',deep red-purple deeply cut foliage; winged fruit; an outstanding specimen $99.99
Acer f Autumn Blaze sun-ps/M/wd/f/50-60'-fast growing, glorious fall color, dense oval growing habit $199.99
Acer plat Emerald Queen sun-ps/M/wd/f/ 40-50'; fast growing, green leaf, great fall color $229.99
Acer pal Gwen's Delight sun-ps/M/wd/f- 15 x 15'-'Shirazz Japanese Maple- new foliage emerges pink to green with pink; fall color blazing red $99.99
Acer plat Harlequinn sun-ps/M/wd/f-40'-white-variegated light green foliage throughout the season. Leaves turn yellow in fall $199.99
Acer pal Tamukeyama sun-ps/M/wd/f -cascades to 8' in 10 yrs; one of the fastest growing dissectums; deep red to purple scarlet in fall. $99.99
Acer pal Lion's Head sun-ps/M/wd/f-20', upright; Leaves held in close knit bunches. Give some protection: Crinkled bright green leaves $99.99
Acer pal Red Pigmy sun-ps/M/wd/f/5-7'Threadleaf one ofthe best Japanese Maples.mound-shaped tree, with reddish-purple turn scarlet in autumn. $99.99
Acer r Red Sunset sun-ps/M/wd/f/50'- pyramid shape with age, turn a brilliant orange-scarlet when temperatures begin to cool $199.99
Aralia spinosa sun-ps/hr/M/prune e.spring- 12', thorny stems & leaves, dramatic foliage, white plume flowers, buds & flowers break late $24.99
Balm of Gilead sun/M/rich-75'-(Populus balsamifera) fragrant wax saturates winter buds &coats the young leaves in spring gives this tree its name
Cercis can Redbud F sun/M/wd-30h x 35'w- heart-shaped leaves and striking pink to purplish spring flowers.moderate growth rate 59.99/3g
Cornus kousa Satomi Sun/ rich/ M/wd/ A&S soil -25'-multi stemmed; slow growing; blooms early white blooms; beneficials $299.99
Gleditsia tri Sunburst 85'-vase shaped canopy with bright yellow young pendulous leaves that ripen to a lime green colour soft weeping foliage. $169.99
Magnolia Leonard Messil sun-ps/wd/M-15-20' - Fragrant 4" flowers open from purple buds to deep pink with white inside; $249.99
Magnolia Susan Sun-ps/Wd/M-10'-( small tree) ompact shrubby habit, slightly fragrant, fuchsia flowers,blooms late April early May. slow-growing $166.99
Magnolia Royal Star Sun-ps/Wd/M-15'--slow growing slightly fragrant 3-4" star-shaped WHITE flowers; flowers open before leaves $229.99
Malus Louisa Sun-ps/Wd/M-15- 20'- excellent weeper with good disease resistance; Red buds open in spring to single fragrant pink flowers $179.99
Malus Prarie Fire Sun/WD/M/F-20'n upright, rounded with a long season of interest. from pinkish-red buds to slightly fragrant, dark pink to red flowers appear in mid-late spring. $179.99
Morus a pendula sun/wd/avg-8'-mature pink fruit very tasty; arching branches droop to the ground; lovely specimen tree $249.99
Popular Silver Sun/ mostly any soil; 20' closely realted to Aspens; silver-green foliage…pretty…it does send up suckers $29.99
Prunus c Crimson Pointe Full sun/avg/M/wd- 20 x 8'- columinar pink flowers in spring with purple foliage all season $199.99
Salix alba tristis sun/M/wd/acidic soil-50-75', known as golden weeping willow $199.99
Tila Boulevard sun/wd/med M- 60' with limited spread -great street & shade tree' extra large leaves; long cluster of fragrant blooms in summer; $199.99
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Helpful Hints

When planting large trees it is important to stake the tree with 3 stakes to keep the wind from shaking the roots loose. Use proper ties so as not to damage the bark. Also before planting, prepare & water the hole well. All newly planted material must be well watered right up to freeze-up.

During the first couple growing seasons, your newly planted tree is expending a lot of energy trying to get its roots established in the soil. It is important NOT to depend on the rain to water deep enough to support healthy roots. Keep grass well away from the tree trunk so as not to do damage from the mower.

“Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.” – Hal Borland