BOLD mean new or new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade

X-excellent; Gc- ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline;^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive

Trees 2020
Common Species Garden Use
map Acer jap Bloodgood sun-ps/m/wd/f/prune-25',deep red-purple deeply cut foliage; winged fruit; an outstanding specimen
map Acer jap Red Willow sun-ps/m/wd/f/prune-6-8', a small tree; bushy upright; rich dark burgundy
map Acer p Inabe-shidare sun-ps/m/wd/f -up to 10'. Slow growing..Cutleaf..Great fall color
map Acer p Tamukeyama sun-ps/m/wd/f -cascades to 8' in 10 yrs; one of the fastest growing dissectums; deep red to purple scarlet in fall.
maple Acer plat Royal Red sun/wd/m- 40' h x30'w- and is quite popular for its purple-green foliage throughout season
map har Acer plat Drummondi sun-ps/m/wd/f/prune late fall, makes an eyecatching diplay with variegated foliage (Harlequinn
devil Aralia spinosa sun-ps/hr/m/prune e.spring- 12', thorny stems & leaves, dramatic foliage, white plume flowers, buds & flowers break late
ash Ash white Sun-ps/wd any soil…75'-a common Ash tree grown to give shade
birch Betula alleg(yellow birch 100' moist growing conditions. native & a beautiful specimen tree.. Yellow bark
birch Betula Jacquemontii Full Sun-40'-is the most widely grown of the birch speices and is greatly prized for its distinctive white bark
birch Betula pen Youngii F sun-20'-A mushroom-headed, medium weeping tree with branches reaching the ground. Rough white bark has black fissures with age.
pea Caragana a Walker's Low sun/wd/dry-M-5'x5'-true garden specimen shrub with almost ferny foliage;weeping habit and golden flowers in spring;
dog Cornus kousa Satomi sun/hr/wd/n-A-20'x15'w, japanese dogwood, pink,year round interest, attracts birds & beneficials
haz Corylus av Red Dragon sun-ps/M/wd/S-12'-compact,semi-weeping small tree & twisted branches.Edible nuts
Ginkgo biliba sun-Ps/25m/M-D- furrowed bark & deep tap roots; specimen tree
locus Gleditsia tri Sunburst 85'-vase shaped canopy with bright yellow young pendulous leaves that ripen to a lime green colour soft weeping foliage.
chain Laburnum x watereri Vossi sun-ps/wd/hr-18'h, absolutely stunning spring display of long yellow chains of flowers
tulip Liriodendron (Tulip Sun-ps/hr/wd/M- up to 150'; grows fast;Magnolia family; glossy leaves;yellow-orange,tulip-like flowers;birds,b'flies;bees
mag Magnolia Elizabeth Sun-ps/wd/HR/30'- fragrant. Blooms early spring.6"Flower light yellow. protected from wind
mag Magnolia l Leonard Messel sun-ps/wd N-A…Mags DO NOT like wet feet 25'-star shaped white flowers that are pink on the outside
mag Magnolia Royal Star early bloomer with large, fragrant, white, double flowers before the foliage emerges in spring. A springtime thriller
mag Magnolia s Centiennial Blush sun/WD-15-18'- fragrant pale pink flowers in spring . Centennial Blush is a prolific bloomer
mag Magnolia soulangiana sun-ps/wd-A-Mags do not like wet feet.It is a deciduous tree with large, e.-blooming flowers in shades of white, pink &purple.
mag Magnolia Susan sun/m/wd/hr/mulch-spectacular reddish-purple fragrant cup-shaped fls in spring; does not like to be moved
crab Malus Louisa ? Sun/WD/MF-13-15'opening from red buds to fragrant pale pink; weeping
crab Malus Makamik Sun/WD/MF35'--stunning clusters of fragrant fuchsia flowers with lavender overtones along the branches in mid spring
crab Malus Profusion Sun/WD/MF-30'-red buds, masses of fragrant, deep rose-pink flowers appear in pretty clusters in mid-spring.
crab Malus Red Jade Sun/WD/MF- pink buds, masses of fragrant, white, single flowers appear in mid spring,
crab Malus Royal Raindrops Sun/WD/MF-20'-Masses of fragrant, magenta-pink single appear in mid spring.
crab Malus Thunderchild Sun/WD/MF- 20'- clusters of fragrant lavender flowers with pink overtones along the branches
mulb Morus a pendula sun/wd/avg-8'-mature pink fruit very tasty; arching branches droop to the ground; lovely specimen tree
popular Popular Silver Sun/ mostly any soil; 20' closely realted to Aspens; silver-green foliage…pretty…it does send up suckers
oak Quercus rubra red oak;medium sized, deciduous tree with a rounded to broad-spreading, often irregular crown.
sumc Rhus sun-ps/any wd soil- 20', excellent for naturalizing, excellent fall color
locus Robina p Purple Robe??? Sun/MM/Wd-30'-thrives in difficult growing conditions; oval-upright habit. violet purple pea-like flowers.Black Locust
willow Salix alba tristis sun/m/wd/acidic soil-50-75', known as golden weeping willow
mt ash Sorbus au Cardinal Red any soil- 35' Oval, vigorous clusters of small brilliant red berries, much more spectacular than the orange of the species.
Sun/WD/MF- 20'- clusters of fragrant lavender flowers with pink overtones along the branches Malus Thunderchild
All trees & shrubs will provide something of value to the birds, nesting sites,insect food, shelter from the weather & predators. If you
wish to attract more birds here are a few that providefruit,berries,nuts or seeds
Cherries, sweet or sour- Mountain Ash fruit is high from snow cover-Russian Olive,X choice providing fruit which we hardly notice.
Conifers, there dense foliage provides nesting sites & seeds-Ornamental shrubs,all viburnums,bush honeysuckle, rugosa rose[hips
all dogwoods,elderberry. Vines, virginia creeper-Hummers, are attracked to a large host of flowers to consider for your lands


Helpful Hint: when planting large trees it is important to stake the tree with 3 stakes to keep the wind from shaking the roots loose. Use proper ties so as not to damage the bark. Also before planting, prepare & water the hole well. All newly planted material must be well watered right up to freeze-up.