BOLD mean new or new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade

X-excellent; Gc- ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline;^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive

Trees 2021
Species Garden Use
Acer jap Bloodgood sun-ps/M/wd/f/prune-25',deep red-purple deeply cut foliage; winged fruit; an outstanding specimen $99.99
Acer p Crimson King sun/ps/M/wdf-30'-Norway- a vigorous tree prized for its large, rich purplish-crimson leaves that last throughout the summer $199.99
Acer p Tamukeyama sun-ps/M/wd/f -cascades to 8' in 10 yrs; one of the fastest growing dissectums; deep red to purple scarlet in fall. $69.99
Acer saccharum sun-ps/M/wd/f- 80'- Sugar Maple-straight trunk, wide-spreading branches and a dense, oval to rounded crown.a good shade tree $169.99
Aralia spinosa sun-ps/hr/M/prune e.spring- 12', thorny stems & leaves, dramatic foliage, white plume flowers, buds & flowers break late $29.99
Caragana a Walker's Low sun/wd/dry-M-5'x5'-true garden specimen shrub with almost ferny foliage;weeping habit and golden flowers in spring; $139.99
Cornus kousa Satomi Sun/ rich/ M/well-drained acidic soil & sandy soil -25'-showy deep pink flowers in spring;horizontal habit of growth $199.99
Gleditsia tri Sunburst 85'-vase shaped canopy with bright yellow young pendulous leaves that ripen to a lime green colour soft weeping foliage. $169.99
Laburnum x watereri Vossi sun-ps/wd/hr-18'h, absolutely stunning spring display of long yellow chains of flowers $299.99
Larix dec Pendula sun/wd-Stake for height--fresh, green foliage that covers this fast-growing weeping tree in the spring. the fall, there is a glow of yellow $199.99
Liriodendron (Tulip Sun-ps/hr/wd/M- up to 150'; grows fast;Magnolia family; glossy leaves;yellow-orange,tulip-like flowers;birds,b'flies;bees $139.99
Magnolia Leonard Messell Sun-ps/Wd/M-20'-( small tree) a compact tree form with multi-stems. a beautiful two-tone flower& the petals are similar to Royal Star Mag $189.99
Magnolia Royal Star Sun-ps/Wd/M-15'--slow growing slightly fragrant 3-4" star-shaped WHITE flowers; flowers open before leaves $199.99
Magnolia Susan sun/M/wd/hr/mulch-spectacular reddish-purple fragrant cup-shaped fls in spring; does not like to be moved $199.99
Malus Candied Apple Sun/WD/MF-13-15'opening from red buds to fragrant pale pink; weeping $139.99
Malus Makamik Sun/WD/MF35'--stunning clusters of fragrant fuchsia flowers with lavender overtones along the branches in mid spring $129.99
Malus Red Jade Sun/WD/MF- pink buds, masses of fragrant, white, single flowers appear in mid spring, $169.99
Malus Royal Raindrops Sun/WD/MF-20'-Masses of fragrant, magenta-pink single appear in mid spring. $139.99
Malus Thunderchild Sun/WD/MF- 20'- clusters of fragrant lavender flowers with pink overtones along the branches $139.99
Morus a pendula sun/wd/avg-8'-mature pink fruit very tasty; arching branches droop to the ground; lovely specimen tree $199.99
Popular Silver Sun/ mostly any soil; 20' closely realted to Aspens; silver-green foliage…pretty…it does send up suckers $29.99
Prunus serrulata Sun/M/wd-20'-Japanese Flowering Cherry-beautiful speciman tree…pink blooms..puts on a fantastic spring display $199.99
Quercus rubra(Red Oak Sun/wd/D-med M /avg/A- 80'- a shade tree rounded to broad-spreading, often irregular crown. $139.99
Salix alba tristis sun/M/wd/acidic soil-50-75', known as golden weeping willow $139.99
Sorbus au Cardinal Red Sun/any wd soil- 35' Oval, vigorous clusters of small bright red berries, more spectacular than the orange of the species. $179.99
Tilia americana (Basswood) sun/wd/M-80' can be pruned V fast grower-Clusters of fragrant, pale yellow late spring flowers are quite showy. Not for city pollution $169.99


Helpful Hint: when planting large trees it is important to stake the tree with 3 stakes to keep the wind from shaking the roots loose. Use proper ties so as not to damage the bark. Also before planting, prepare & water the hole well. All newly planted material must be well watered right up to freeze-up.