Bold means new Hardy Shrub Roses tolerate a wide range of conditions, but usually prefer an open site in full sun.FM/Hr/Wd soil-when planting use a handful of bonemeal in the hole & water in well-Deadhead to promote more blooms.

Roses 2020
Roses tolerate a wide range of conditions, but usually prefer an open site in full sun.FM/Hr/Wd soil DH-deadhead; CTS-continuous $21.99
Rose also require rich soil Use fertilzer recommended for Roses as it contains necessary trace mineral that will produce good results
Blanc de Coubert Shrub/hedge 6'h, double white extremely fragrant. Good popular rose
Blaze Climber Climber train canes back & forth on trellis 4 more blooms, best red, blooms spring to fall, after established prune back lateral stem
Blossomtime climber 4-5" blooms in rose pink with a darker lavender pink reverse
Bonica Shrub 4-5', the perfect hedge rose, blooms spring to fall, deep pink, disease resistant, fragrant
Campfire Shrub 3' small clusters bloom. Yellow semi-double blossoms edged in red & gradually turn to deepest pink.blooms in flushes
Carpet Amber GC/Shrub clusters of soft yellow orange blossoms; fragrant
Carpet Appleblossom GC/Shrub Once established, will produce up to 2,000 soft pastel pink blooms from late Spring right until late Fall. Fragrant
Carpet Pink Supreme GC/Shrub 30"h x 40"w-Masses of rich lipstick pink blooms cover the bush from late Spring to late Fall and even early Winter
Carpet Red GC/Shrub 4'h x5'w deep red coloring; blooms May through to October
Double Knockout Pink shrub 3-4', bright pink, small semi-dbl blooms, glossy foliage,trouble free longer lasting blooms
Double Knockout Red Shrub 3-4', medium red, small semi-dbl blooms, glossy foliage,trouble free longer lasting blooms
FJ Grootendorst shrub 4 x 4'These cute flowers resemble fringed carnations. It has a spicy fragrance; cutting back in the spring will be of benefit
Golden Celebration climb one of the finest English Roses on the market with its very large, deeply cupped, fully petaled golden-yellow flowers
Golden Showers climb A valuable repeat-flowering climbing rose, features large, sweetly fragrant, semi-double, golden-yellow blooms, 4" wide
Hansa (Rugosa) Hedge 6', large dbl magenta flowers, good for hedging, very hardy, salt tolerant-spiny right up the stock so deer aren't interested
Iceberg climb produces abundant clusters of medium-sized, rounded & double flowers with soft white petals ,often flushed with pale pink.
Jens Munk EXPlorer 5'-Rugosa Semi-double medium pink fragrant blooms heavily through the summer & light into the fall
JP Connell shrub covered with double, lemon-yellow fragrant flowers which fade to cream, fast growing 3-5'
Julia Andrews shrub 4' x3'w-Fragrant hybrid tea; Fuchsia Pink double blooms;
Knockout Sunny shrub 5'- Citrus fragrance; upright habit with bright yellow flowers.The color stays more intense during cooler times of the year. CTS
Morden Belle shrub dwarf selection with vibrant double pink flowers in clusters ; light fragrance
Morden Centennial shrub 3'-Clusters of medium pink fragrant double flowers;dark glossy green disease resistant foliage. Hardy shrub ...
Morden Sunrise shrub lightly-scented gold flowers with peach overtones, yellow eyes & pink tips at the ends of the branches; late spring to late summer,
New Dawn climb is a modern, large-flowered, climbing rose that is blush-pink and free flowering. It is very popular among gardeners
Pavement Purple landscape/sh recurrent large clusters of fragrant purple-crimson semi-double flowers with yellow stamens, HIPS
Pavement Snow landscape 30" x 30"has fragrant semi-double white flowers blushed pink in early summer; repeat-blooming; compact, mounded habit;
Perfumed Breeze climber 8'; very fragrant, shades of pink; small bloom are borne pendulous clusters
Quadra climber/shrub 6' x 3'w-A winter hardy climbing rose with rich red double blooms maturing to lighter red.mild fragrance. Explorer
Rose Dublin Bay landscape This incredible rose blooms in a flush with a riot of exotic coral colours; winter hardy & low maintenance
Rugelda(yellow pavement landscape 30"-unusual pavement rugosa with yellow, fully double flowers slightly tinged with pink and orange-red buds. Slightly scented
Sir Thomas Lipton shrub 8'-Rugosa fragrant, semi-double to double, pure white flowers which bloom in June & intermittenly all summer;
The Fairy landscape dwarf shrub rose which produces abundant cascading clusters of small and delicate, rosette-like, double, clear pink ..
Topaz Jewel landscape 2.5"- butter yellow & ages to cream; highly fragrant
Westerland climb 8'-lovely double blooms with a ruffled look and petals with slightly serrated edges are very fragrant woth a nice rose scent.
White Dawn climb 10-12'-a large-flowered climbing rose fragrant, white, semi-double flowers


Helpful Hint: use a proper Rose fertilizer for best results and don't splash water on the leaves. Roses are heavy feeders and require a water soluable fertilizer like PEI fish fertilizer or other water soluable every three weeks. Always make sure that the liquid goes right to the root. This is good info for any plant!  Top dressing would be much better and we recommend this as roses are heavy feefers. The proper roses food suggested is made specifically for roses and contains the necessary trace elements needed by the plant to perform well.

Floribundas/Austins are continuous bloomers. Add a handful of Epsom Salts every 2-3 weeks. Apply on the drip line.

Climbing /Rugosa/Minature/Hedging roses blooms on old wood. If you prune in the spring you will have no flowers that season.

Growing climbing roses requires training as they will usually grow quite wayward. Use a good sturdy trellis & ties that will degrade over the years. The plant must be tied as it grow & some pruning will be required to keep the plant in a somewhat reasonable size. A dead tree would be a perfect trellis

Perhaps Rugosa Rose is the most popular species used for hedging. It is dense,hardy, colorful & has healthy foliage

Hybrid T/Grandifloras/Floribundas/English roses need to be cut back to 8-12" from the ground in the very very late fall/early winter[toavoid the wind shaking the roots loose]. If you prune too early in the fall they can think it is spring and start to put out new growth which of course will freeze out.

Black Spot & powdery mildew -use a fungicide-Defender is a good rose product for rose care

Don't water on the leaves and be especially careful when the sun is out. Defender is a good product for rose care

Clay soil is usually recommended for planting because of it's ability to hold water. You will have to use organic matter to make your soil more pliable Two sources would be 'real' old fashion aged manure is the best [or store bought stuff would work but no cheapies]or compost, always well broken down. Peat moss is always a valuable soil conditioner. Roses must have a consistent supply of water and nutrients to grow