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BOLD means new or new to us this year. Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; D-dry; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; VV-very very; P-poor; SD-sharply drained; N-neutral; A-alkaline; AC-acid; X-excellent; GC-ground cover; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive;

Perennials 2019
Species/Variety Light/Soil Height Bloom Description
Achillea Song Siren Angie Sun-ps-poor soil 2' late summer into fall; attractive to butterflies; bright pink
Achillea t Golden Fleece sun-ps; poor soil 18" late golden color
Aconitum fischeri Sun-ps.wd/hr mid-late summer Dark azure-blue flowers; bees are attracted to it
Aconitum napellus Sun-ps.wd/hr 4' mid deep purplish blue;
Adenorphora c Gaudi Violet sun-ps/wd/m/hr  18" early & late Soft violet, drooping, bell-shaped flowers held on upright stems well above the foliage
Aegopodium pod Variegatum shade/wdm known as Goutweed, GC that quickly forms a dense, weed-proof carpet, even under difficult growing conditions.
Agastache r Little Adder sun-ps/M but well drained 2' attracts hummers & bees; common name Hummingbird Mint
Agastache Tango sun/wd 14" mid  brilliant fiery orange spikes; attracts hummers 
Ajuga Bronze Burgundy shade/wd-4"- ground cover is widely grown despite its invasiveness, because it's pretty and fills in fast.Burgundy-blue leaves
Ajuga repens sun-ps/M creeping When you're looking for something attractive to quickly fill in a large area, then you can't go wrong; green or burgundy-blue
Alcea Chaters Mix sun/wd/f 180 m-late gorgeous dbl mix blooms showy flowers,tall & stately
Alcea Chaters Queeny Purple sun/wd/f 60 mid double deep purple-red blooms, dwarf variety-an award winner
Alcea Halo Cerise sun/wd/f 6' mid summer selected for its huge, Hot pink flowers with pink center halos with giant, dark blossoms
Alcea Halo Lavender Sun/wd/f 6' mid summer selected for its huge, velvety purple flowers with pink center halos with giant, dark blossoms
Alcea Las Vegas sun/wd/f  5' summer blooms  gorgeous mixture of single blooms, showy
Alcea r Blacknight sun/wd/f 8' mid to late summer Deep blackish-purple, single flowers on tall, sturdy stalk
Alcea r Mars Magic Sun/wd/f 8' mid to late summer brilliant red colors. single flowers on tall, sturdy stalk
Alcea rosea Radiant Rose Sun/wd/f 6' CTS single purple-black flowers bloom on tall stately stalks all summer
Alcea rugosa Sun/wd/f 5-6' looks great planted en masse; pale yellow single blooms...short lived but it is self-seeding
Alchemilla mollis pshade/wd 12" summer a groundcover with scalloped leaves; flowers in summer-useful in certain places; Lady's Mantle
Allium Blue Eddy sun-ps 12" blooms late summer attractive, pinwheel-like rosettes of blue-grey to grey-green foliage;
Allium c Hidcote sun-ps 12" early summer one of-flowered selection of ornamental onions. low tuft of grassy leaves rosy-lilac bells.
Allium Millenium sun-ps 1.5' mid summer rose purple blooms in mis summer (ornamental onion)
Alyssum saxitile Gold Dust sun/wd 20 early blooms early spring/DH to keep control /V POPULAR & showy
Amorpha canescens sun-ps/S/dry 2.3' purple blooms in early summer (Leadplant)
Amsonia t Storm Cloud sun/wd/m 2' blooms early blue shades. Hardy. Fall interest
Anchusa az Loddon Royalist sun/S/M 3' early deep blue…attracts butterflies..resists critters
Anemone Curtian Call sun-ps/wd/m/hr 18" late summer bright rose pink flowers ;
Anemone Fall in Love Sweetly sun-ps/wd/m/hr 20" early fall rich, rose pink flowers. Semi-double flowers ..
Anemone sylvestris sun-ps/wd/m/hr 18" excellent spring color single white; plants will form a dense patch, suitable for a groundcover;
Antennaria dioica Rubra hot sunny area/poor, dry soil;low, late spring low, creeping mat of tiny, bright silvery-grey leaves with short, fuzzy pink flowers
Aquilegia Barlow Black  sun-ps/wd/m/hr 18" early Dark violet & very double dahlia-like flowers. Beautiful
Aquilegia c Songbird Goldfinch sun-ps/wd/m/hr 18" early to mid season bloom bright yellow nodding flowers; long lasting cut; not appealing to deer
Aquilegia can Little Lanterns sun-ps/wd/m/hr 12" early drooping red/yellow bell-like flowers; will self seed; attracts hummers
Aquilegia Origami sun-ps/avg/m  15" early to mid season bloom excellent long blooming plant performance with upward facing blooms…Mixture of colors
Arabis b Red Sensations sun-ps/wd  6" early  well known, used as a border plant,; trim back after flowering to keep neat & tidy
Arenaria montana sun/avg/wd  4-6"  spring-summer blooming  a little alpine or rock garden plant, cushion forming evergreen, large white flowers & spreads easily in sandy soil 
Arisaema triphyllum Pshade/M 2' late spring woodland; Jack in the Pulpit; unusual looking greenish-yellowish plant; birds love the seeds
Armeria m Rubriflora sun/wd 7" late spring a profuse display of rose pink flowers in spring, fine textured leaves are evergreen, great for rock gardens.
Armeria m Splendens sun/wd 6" late spring sea-pink has bright pink globe-like flowers; evergreen fine textured foliage
Artemesia sch 'Silver Mound' sun/wd 8 mid nice mound form/cut back when straggly
Aruncus dioicus sun-ps/rich fertile soil 6" Similar to astilbe in appearance.(Goatsbeard or Bride's Feathers)
Asclepias in Cinderella sun/medium to M soils 2-4' mid season pink to dk pink with white crowns;fragrant;good cut; attracts butterflies
Asclepias in Ice Ballet sun/medium to M soils 3' mid season showy, fragrant. Attractive to butterflies; White
Asclepias t Hellow Yellow sun/medium to M soils 2' mid seaon three months of golden yellow blooms from early through late summer.
Asclepias tuberosa sun/medium to M soils 50 mid yellow-orange; fragrant & attractive to butterflies
Aster d Alert sun/wd/open 12" late a newer hybrid, brilliant red flowers and striking yellow centers
Aster n Wood's lt Blue sun/wd/open   14" late summer blooming  compact & mounding;beautiful late blooming; light blue daisy flowers
Astilbe a Cappuciino shade/hr/m 12" mid summer blooms white blossoms floats above dark bronze foliage. Thick plumes on red stems cover the glossy foliage that changes to green
Astilbe a Choc Shogun shade/hr/m 2' mid season Handsome, glossy chocolate-bronze foliage is a pleasing backdrop to the pink-blushed flower panicles in early summer.
Astilbe August Light shade/hr/m 28" one of the latest vivid scarlet-red fluffy plumes above clumps of green fern-like foliage. One of the latest red-flowering Astilbes to bloom.
Astilbe c Milk & Honey shade/hr/m   23" mid summer blooms  creamy white plumes that age to a light pink.
Astilbe Maggie Daley shade/hr/m 3' later blooming Chinese Astilbe 'Maggie Daley' (Astilbe chinensis) features profuse and striking bouquets of lavender-purple flower plumes held upright .
Astrantia Abbey Road ps/wd/m/hr  18" early to late summer masses of deep reddish-purple, button shaped flowers on black stems. The exquisite mounding, lobed foliage looks great all season ...
Baptisia Decadence Spark Sapp sun/wd/N 3' early spring Vivid violet blue flowers appear atop a compact, upright clump of deep blue-green foliage in spring. Easy to grow
Bellis Galaxy sun/wd 10" CTS button blooms mixed colors
Bergenia Red Beauty Ps/ average soil 15" very early spring spikes of rose flowers with red eyes. Blooms emerge from distinctive red flower buds.
Bletilla s Sorya Blue Dragon shade/wd/m/hr   15" late spring to early summer a gem for the woodland garden and loving a rich humus. Use mulch
Brunnera m Sterling Silver shade/wd/m/hr 6-12" x 12-24" early- mid summer thick silver heart shaped forget-me-not.clump forming; fast growing, improved variety
Cactus Prickly Pear(Optunia sun/V.V.Wd 8"  early-mid use high potash to bring into flower, let dry out completely in winter[prickly pear]
Caltha paultris Plena Aquatic 8" late spring glossy,rounded to kidney-shaped deep-green leaves,double bright yellow 'button' flowers
Campanula g Superba Sun-Ps-wd 2' early summer a rhizomatous perennial with upward facing, bell-shaped, rich violet-blue fls in dense clusters up to 15 flower
Campanula lactiflora sun-ps/wd/m/n-al  4'  mid season conical shaped blooms of violet or white. Attracts butterflies
Campanula p Blue Waterfall sun-ps/wd/m/n-al 25 CTS sprays of starry lavender-blue flowers,vigorous,good for rockgarden
Campanula p Clip White sun-ps/wd/m/n-al 20 mid very pretty cup shaped blooms, small ground cover
Campanula p Clips Blue sun-ps/wd/m/n-al 20 mid very pretty cup shaped blooms, small ground cover
Campanula Purple Sensation sun-ps/wd/m/n-al 5" Pendulous clusters of 3” long royal purple bells open from elegant ink-black buds.
Carnation dw Grenadine Mix sun/wd/avg 24" mid excellent selection. Good cut
Centranthus rubra  sun-ps, stays compact in poor soils but does well in fertile soils also  3'   mid season blooms red-pink, good for naturalizing, good butterfly flower, leaf fragrant 
Cerastium tomentosa (silver carpet) sun/dry 8 early GC, white flowers
Chelone Hot Lips shade-dp shade 16" mid season Moisture is extremely important-good woodland;
Cimicifuga Hillside Blk Beauty part shade/wd 6' mid season truly a collector's item.; almost black - finely cut foliage excellent color all season. Fragrant white spires of flowers
Cimicifuga Queen of Sheba part shade 3' upright growth habit and dark foliage. The white flowers are placed in hanging clusters.
Convallaria m Prolofocans shade-Ps/M 12" early most any soil; waxy double white hanging bells; fragrant
Coreopsis Early Sunrise sun/avg/m 20" early blooming fully double, large yellow flowers
Coreopsis Sassy Safron sun/avg/M  18-20"  mid summer -frost  cheery bright lemon yellow flower with deep maroon eye and nearly black center will brighten any garden
Crocosmia Lucifer sun/wd 70 mid long lasting intense red blooms,must be lifted & dried
Delosperma d H P Wonder sun/wd 8" late spring and early summer a tough, vigorous cold hardy Ice Plant with large hot pink flowers
Delphinium e Mil Dollar Blush sun-ps/wd/m/avg 3' e-late Semidouble to double flowers in shades of delicate rose appear in abundance on large, sturdy spikes
Delphinium MF Sky Blue sun-ps/wd/m/avg 3' e-late It's the prettiest of blues and makes all other colors, all the more lovely. double florets.
Delphinium MF White w Bee sun-ps/wd/m/avg 3' e-late stunning bright white flowers with dar colored bee
Delphinium PG Mix sun-ps/wd/m/avg  180  e-late a mixture of colors
Dianthus A'blossom Burst sun/well drained/average soil 10-12" early Jumbo flowers in multiple shades – white to an intense pink blush all with burgundy centers ...
Dianthus delt Artic Fire sun/well drained/average soil   10-12"  early   blooms profusely with frilly white serrated petals surrounding a deep fiery red eye
Dianthus delt Vampire sun/well drained/average soil   8" m-late  Easy to grow reliable perennial with mat forming growth habit. Vibrant, crimson-red flowers from summer into fall.
Dianthus delt Zing Rose sun/well drained/average soil 4" all summer large deep bright pink flowers blooms all summer
Dianthus Pinball Wizard sun/well drained/average soil 10" early evergreen perennial with masses of strongly scented, fully double, soft pink with dark pink flecks and stripes.
Dianthus R'berry Surprise sun/well drained/average soil 10" all season large, florist quality, fully double, raspberry pink flowers 1¾" wide, thin white edge. Non fading color all season
Dianthus Sw Wm Dbl Mix sun/well drained/average soil  2' early fully double pink to deep pink/red blooms, old fashioned flower
Dicentra King of Hearts sun/wd/avg 10" long blooming bright rose-pink, heart-shaped flowers in clusters over blue-green parsley-like foliage.
Dicentra spectabilis Alba sun-ps/wd/m/hr 3' mid old fashioned bleeding heart, white flowers
Dicentra spectablis sun-ps/wd/m/hr 3' mid old fashioned bleeding heart, pink flowers
Dicentra Sulphur Heart sun/wd/avg  16" long blooming long blooming; chartreuse foliage. Bright pink flowers give this plant a unique look
Dicentra Valentine sun/wd/avg 30" mid arching sprays of this bleeding hearts have red stems, cherry red heart-shaped blooms & pearl white drops.
Dictamus albus Albiflorus sun/wd/avg 24" early-mid drpought tolerant. Good for rocky slopes
Dictamus albus Rosea sun/wd/avg 60 e-mid an exquisite garden plant with glossy grn foliage, rose fls
Digitalis Camelot Lavender sun/wd/avg 4' e-late tall spikes of Lavender-mauve bells, spotted inside with maroon purple. Buds begin a creamy yellow colour
Digitalis Camelot Mix ps/wd/hr/m 4' e-late especially large bellflowers, dense spikes, healthy & uniform grower. Mix of all colors
Digitalis Candy Mountain ps/wd/hr/m 4' mid bearing tall spikes of glowing rose-pink bells, each with darker freckles on the inside
Digitalis mertonensis sun/wd/avg 4' Strawberry Foxglove. Large tubular flowers that are the color of blended strawberries and cream
Digitalis pur Camelot Rose ps/wd/hr/m 4' e-late especially large bellflowers, dense spikes, healthy & uniform grower
Digitalis pur Dalmation White ps/wd/hr/m 120  mid  creamy white bells with burgundy splotched throat; unusual 
Digitalis pur Excelsior Mix ps/wd/hr/m 4' mid mixture of large bell shaped flowers
Dodecatheon med Lilac Sun-Ps/woodland setting/Hr 12" stamens are thrust outward & sepals grow back..relative to Primrose.
Doronicum Little Leo Full sun or part shade/well drained 10" an abundance of cheerful, semi-double, daisy-like, bright-yellow flowers
Echinacea Atomic Orange sun/well drained 16" early Large, 4½", attractive, vibrant tangerine orange flowers with a dark cone.
Echinacea p Green Twister Sun/wd 28-36" mid-late This lively green coneflower will show natural variation in the color and size of the green edge
Echinacea p Orange Passion sun/wd 30" mid-late bright orange, daisy shaped flowers with a large, dark brown centres that are carried on straight stems
Echinacea paradoxa  sun/wd  26"  mid  showy yellow coneflower with single hanging petals with large brown cones 
Echinacea pur Cheyenne Spirit sun/wd 28" m-late AAS award winner; flower colors in rich purple,pink,red,orange tones to lighter yellow, creams & white
Echinacea pur Happy Star sun/wd  20" mid to late  bright white orange-yellow disk, distinctly horizontal flower petals, vigorous and sturdy, very durable and long-lived 
Echinacea pur Magnus sun/wd 3' mid intense red 1998 plant of the year
Echinacea pur PowWow White sun/wd 20"  mid-late pure white flowers with golden yellow cone measured 3-4" across with wide overlapping reflexed petals.  
Echinacea pur PowWow Wild Berry sun/wd  60  mid-late  non-fading deep rose-purple flowers, attracts butterflies 
Echinacea pur Prairie Splendor  sun/wd 60  mid  large swept back petals, purple, usually starts blooming earlier & last longer  
Echinacea pur Ruby Star sun/wd  100  CTS  improved purple coneflower with larger flowers & more intense carmine-red color 
Echinacea pur Southern Belle sun/wd 30" mid unique bi-color flowers with flat pink daisy-like petals with a deep magenta pompom
Echinacea pur White Swan  sun/wd  26"  mid  -white, daisy-like flowers from early summer into early autumn. Its prominent, coppery-green, central cones  
Echinacea purpurea  sun/wd  2'  mid  Purple Coneflower; mauve pink-purple; drooping petals, also used as an herb; echinacea makes our immune cells more efficient 
Echinacea Solar Flame sun/wd 2' mid-late comes close to producing flowers in near-red. The flowers are large, single and fragrant a deep magenta-red
Echinacea speciosa Coneflower Mix sun/wd  2-3' June-frost Three varieties of this popular perennial. Colorful flowers that are attractive to butterflies & hummers. Deer resistant
Echinacea Sweet Chili 16" Stunning deep orange flowers on a stout and sturdy plant that is blanketed in blooms.
Echinops b Blue Glow sun/wd 18" late globes of blue color. A bold tall plant & is highly ornamental
Echinops ritro sun/wd 4' Globes of blue color for late summer show. A bold, tall plant, Echinops Ritro is highly ornamental
Echium amoenum sun-ps/avg 16" tall russet-red spikes(feathers). Attractive to bees,butterflies & hummers. Deer resistant
Epimedium g Purple Pixie ps-shade/wd/hr/m  8-10" late spring dark green heart-shaped foliage.Purple flowers in late spring before the new foliage
Epimedium y Niveum Part shade/SD/alk 12" heart-shaped leaves and a spreading habit, tiny, bell-shaped pure white flowers with long spurs, held on wiry, red-tinted stems.
Eryngium pla Blue Star Sun/wd/S 30" open umbels of steel-blue prickly flowers, which are a favourite for cutting, fresh or dried.
Eupatorium m Gateway sun/wd/avg/m 5' m-late very pretty, purplish flower heads
Euphorbia polychroma sun/wd soil 16"  early  early blooms, light yellow, lovely color in garden
Filipendula Vensuta sun-ps/slightly moist  4'  Large heads or panicles of deep pink flowers appear in summer 
Gailardia Arizona Apricot sun/wd/f   12" early early-blooming, compact exquisite pastel blend of apricot and yellow, a never-before-seen color mix for the Gaillardia
Gailardia Arizona Red shades sun/wd/f 12" m-late well branched variety that thrives in dry heat. brick red petals and a darker burgundy cone CTS
Gaultheria Peppermint Pearl sun/wd/f 12" evergreen dp green. Delicate, bell-like flowers bloom in early summer, edible berries white as pearls
Galium odoratum(sw woodruff   ps/hr/m  45  mid  great ground cover for shady areas 
Gaura Sparkle White Sun/Sandy/WD 18" graceful,slender stems are topped with a flurry of dazzling white, starry blooms
Gaura Whirling Butterflies Sun/Sandy/WD  2'  CTS vase shaped whirling pink 'Butterfly' flowers
Gentian Blue Cross sun-ps/wd/m 18" mid-into September large 2" pure blue open flowers. Attract butterflies & hummers
Geranium Jolly Jewel Salmon sun/wd/avg/m  10" Rich salmon-coloured flowers with a delightful fragrance from spring until fall. Prolific, vigorous
Geranium p B Chocolatta sun/wd/avg/m 2' early summer rich, dark bronze leaves and an upright & vigorous habit, with blue-purple flowers. Blooms early summer
Geranium Rozanne sun/wd/avg/m 16" vivid violet-blue, hardy geranium; blooms non-stop,virtually problem free, handles heat well, is easy to grow.
Geum Koi sun/wd/Hr 2' a long bloom time. Semidouble, pink, rose and cream flowers with ruffled petals. Sterile flowers provide a long bloom time.
Geum Mrs Bradshaw  sun/wd/Hr 12" single red. Main flush of color in May & June 
Gypsophilia cer Pink Slpash sun-wd/pH7.5 5" dainty white blooms with a bit of a pink splash. Mounding habit
Heather(Calluna)vulg Sun-ps/wd/Ac  10-12"  summer  mixture of colors 
Helenium Dakota Gold Sun-ps/wd/Ac 14" mid Bright golden yellow daisy-like blooms on vigorous, compact plants with fine textured foliage.
Heliopsis h Burning Hearts sun/wd 4' m-late Sun-wd-4'-bicolored, vivid red-eyed and golden, dark purple leaves, black stems, sturdy habit;blooms from July - October
Heliopsis Summer Sun sun/wd 4' early sun/wd- 4' , mid-late bloomer, gold with orange-red center, reddish stem, purple foliage, outstanding plant
Helleborus Ballad Strain dappled shade, do not move after situated 10" late winter to early spring Evergreen flowering perennial, cup-shaped, upright flowers bloom mixed colors
Hemerocallis Bakabana sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 2' 4 inch golden-yellow flowers; Heavy bloomer; Tetraploid;
Hemerocallis Earlybird Oriole sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 20" Ruffled pumpkin orange blossoms has a deeper orange eyezone that highlights the yellow throat
Hemerocallis Elegant Explosion 4", recurved blossoms;large bud count
Hemerocallis Every Rose sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 18" repeat Delightful rosy-pink blossoms highlighted with light red eye zones appear for months, one of the best repeat
Hemerocallis Judy Judy  sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 28" mid fragrant; deep lavender with a gold edge and a yellow to green throat and prominent light midribs.
Hemerocallis Magic Amethyst sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 26" 5.5", amethyst lavender flowers have a light lemon yellow throat with a soft and sweet fragrance.
Hemerocallis Majestic Move sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 large cream colEdges ruffled and lined with a thin line
Hemerocallis Moonlit Masquerade sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 26" re blooms creamy white petals with dark purple edge and eye just above the yellow throat. Reblooms thro' summer
HemerocallisTangerine Twist sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 33" A softer touch of orange, the light tangerine 6 ½” blossoms have a slight rose tone; unique long petals
Hemerocallis Nosferatu sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 26" repeat Fragrant, produces a profusion of very large, 6"w,dark purple flowers with contrasting green throat. ...
Hemerocallis Pardon Me sun-ps/wd/pH6-8   16" mid season  fragrant, cranberry red tepals with a narrow yellow watermark and bright yellow throat
Hemerocallis Prarie Wildfire sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 23" mid summer fragrant, rich red flowers with slightly recurved petals & a yellow throat; high bud count; mid summer
Hemerocallis Rainbow Rhythm sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 2' 2'-
Hemerocallis Raspberry Suede sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 28" 5" flowers are a unique shade of rich raspberry red like raspberry syrup with a pie crust edge
Hemerocallis Romantic Returns sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 25" repeat Deep rose pink 5" wide flowers have ruffled petals with notably large flowers
Hemerocallis Spacecoast Behavior Pattern sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 32" Extra-large, 6" blooms of creamy white feature a deep purple eye and fine picotee edge. Very attractive
Hemerocallis Stella d'Oro sun-ps/wd/pH6-8  18" early to late summer & some into fall 1" small yellow blooms with darker yellow throat. good border plant
Hemerocallis Stephanie Returns sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 24" mid season 4" blend of light peachy pink, ruffled petals, narrow, purple eye,yellow throat, purple midribs and reddish veining
Hemerocallis Voodoo Dancer sun-ps/wd/pH6-8 2' summer & fall large, showy, double, fragrant, deep black-purple flowers with bright gold/green throat.
Hemerocallis When My Sweetheart Returns  Sun-ps/wd 14" early-mid 4", soft peachy yellow blossom with a large, rose pink eye, lemon throat;ruffled; xtremely floriferous
Heuchera amer Purple Palace ps/wd  26"  mid flowers insignificent on Heuchera's,the foliage is important.GC
Heuchera Marvelous Marble ps/wd 18" Native form of green leaves with purple and silver marbled veining, compact habit
Heuchera Primo Black Pearl ps/wd 16" intensely dark scalloped leaves with white flowers and pink calyxes that appear in midsummer.
Heuchera Wildberry ps/wd 28" dark, glossy reddish purple foliage & scalloped edges. deep charcoal gray veining that gives textural look to the foliage.
Heucherella Sweet Tea Sun-Ps/Hr/M 20" stunning display of large ginger and orange foliage,coloring changes throughout the season; likes moist air
Hibiscus Airbrush Effect Hot Sun/Hr/M 4' mid summer 8-8½", vibrant pink flowers with salmon tones, white halo and a small dark red eye.
Hibiscus Holy Grail 4' dark, near-black foliage of oval shaped leaves. Rich, deep red flowers are enormous at 9 "across.
Hibiscus Luna Rose Pink Swirl 3' Gigantic 8" pink & white swirl fls; late summer blooms, a beautiful addition to any garden
Hosta Afterglow sun-ps/wd/Hr/M 2'h x 4' Stunning mound of heart-shaped green foliage with wide gold margins; lavender flowers
Hosta Autumn Frost sun-ps/wd/Hr/M 12" mid The leaves emerge frosty blue with a bright yellow margin that lightens to creamy white during summer. Lavender flowers
Hosta Brother Stefan sun-ps/wd/Hr/M Giant mound of gold centered/ irregular dark green margin. Thick and heavily corrugated leaves .Purple flwr 2017 Hosta of Year
Hosta Frances Williams sun/wd/hr/m 2' an old reliable hosta.Giant, blue-green leaves have very wide, yellow margins which become wider as the plant matures.
Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print sun-ps/wd/hr/m  10" 10" heart shaped leaves with wide wavy green margins. A uniques pattern of variegation. lovely
Hosta Luna Moth sun-ps/wd/hr/m  12" mid  seems to glow in the garden with it's thick heart shaped, corrugated leaves.Green with wide yellow margin…Lav flowers
Hosta One Last Dance sun/wd/hr/m 16" New Hosta with dark green leaves have attractive yellow margins that are gently rippled.
Hosta Reversed Patriot sun-ps/wd/hr/m 2' pure white centers and dark green margins, more vigorous than other white-centered hostas, lavender fls.
Hosta Riskey Business sun/wd/hr/m mid has medium to dark green leaves with a narrow white center. A fast grower with lavender blue flowers
Hosta Seducer sun-ps/wd/hr/m 26" broad leaves are dark green,a slightly ruffled, gold margin & trace of white between the center and margin
Hosta Shadow.Etched Glass sun-ps/wd/hr/m 20" Very wide, dark green margin, a brilliant yellow margin. Margins have puckering when plant is mature. white fls.
Hosta Shadow. Hudson Bay sun-ps/wd/hr/m 24" wide bright Blue margin;apple green jetting and creamy white centre with purple flowers; heavy substance
Hosta Shadowland Waterslide sun-ps/wd/hr/m  2' mid  wavy, ruffled leaves with heavy substance. The blue, rippled leaves look like water splashing in the shade garden
Hosta Sparticus sun-ps/wd/hr/m 3'h x 6'w a extra large that has lavender flowers;good substance, green with gold margin, foliage somewhat upright
Hypericum Calycinum Full sun/sandy soil is best  18" Bright yellow flowers. Tips die back in cold winters climates. Blooms on new growth & comes back nicely each spring
Iberis semp Tahoe sun/wd/p/f/m 6" early Snow white flowers, large & abundant flowering
Iris versicolor Blue Flag sun/peaty/acid/m 3' May-June waterside-showy, purple-blue blooms early to mid season splash of white and yellow
Iris en Dinnerplate Ice Cream sun/peaty/acid/m 3' mid creamy white with pastel shades
Iris en Mauve Blue sun/peaty/acid/m  3' late spring Japanese Iris are the largest of all Irises; they thrive in water at thewaters edge. Exquisite.Large purple to violet colors
Iris en Variegata sun/peaty/acid/m   2' Early-mid green and white striped leaves, graceful wide purple flowers
Iris germ City Lights sun-ps/w 3' re-blooming A re-blooming Iris with deeply colored violet blue standards and falls with a glowing white center
Iris germ Evening Drama sun/wd/sltly alk  36" late spring light blue/violet lavender/dark purple black
Iris germ Halloween Halo sun/wd/sltly alk 3' late spring White petals edged in a yellow trim and bright orange beards
Iris germ Skyfire sun/wd/sltly alk 38" orange orange amber
Iris lou Black Gamerock Sun/wd/slt alk/M/ loves soggy areas 32" this one has stunning, purple-black blooms up to 6" across. Thrives in a well-watered garden or naturally wet area.
Iris pseu Variegata  sun-ps/wd/M/sltly alk  28"  mid season blooms  yellow with creme striped leaves 
Iris sib Blue King ps/bog/acid   3' early summer Violet-blue flowers with distinct, darker veining.
Iris sib Black Joker ps/bog/acid 2' the falls are blackish – deep yellowed purple with diffuse gold rims. Stocky & vigorous
Iris sib On Mulberry Street ps/bog/acid 2'
Iris sib Painted Woman ps/bog/acid  28" part of the Peacock Butterfly collection; pearl,red-violet,yellow, very unusual & colorful; slightly fragrant
Iris sib Paprikash ps/bog/acid 2' Very unusual copper-colored flowers are borne atop grass-like foliage
Iris sib Purple ps/bog/acid  22" dark violet purple color
Iris sib Swan in Flight ps/bog/acid   30" late flowers are very large white; SIF has received honorable mention & awards
Ivy Hedera Gold Child Sun-ps/wd variegated leaves. THe leaf color is grey-green with irregular wide gold-green margins. Good GC for walls or any slope & used as a filler in containers
Kniphofia uvaria 'Flamenco' sun/wd/f 80 mid-late may flower 1st year/yellow-orange-falming red
Lamiastrum Herman Pride shade/wd 12" Forms a dense mound of metallic silver foliage with green veins, then proceeds to spread and fill in; nice
Lamium Beacon Silver ps/wd/hr/m  30  early  light green silvery leaves, bright pink flowers, nice for shade 
Lathyrus Latifolia Mix sun/wd/avg  6'  e-late  Sweet Pea, mixture of colors, climber, use support
Lavender ang Hidcote  sun/wd/avg  spikes of blooms.silvery-grey leaves. Best color of all lavenders  
Lavender ang Munstead sun/wd/avg 35 e-late bright lilac-blue flowers, silver-grey foliage, dwarf
Lavender ang Sweet Romance sun/wd/avg intensely fragrant flowers, beautiful appearance, and ease of culture. Rich purple color
Lavender ang Vicenza Blue sun/wd/avg 60  early  grey-green bushy plants, vibrant purple flowers, a favourite in herbs gardens & perennials borders
Lavender Big Time Blue sun/wd/avg 2' Large, deep lavender purple flower spikes rise atop a cushion of gray-green foliage for weeks on end
Lavender Ellagance Purple sun/wd/avg 14" Deep purple flowers on tall spikes bloom right from the first year, …Gold Metal winner for it's deep color
Lavender Ellagance Snow sun/wd/avg 14" 1st year flowering with large white flower spikes. Drought and heat tolerant, its compact foliage and dwarf habit
Lavender in Phenomenal sun/wd/avg 2' fragrant,multiple lavender blooms, great in containers & a great accent plant. Bees love lavender & butterflies
Lavender int Grosse sun/wd/avg mid very fragrant deep violet blooms
Lavender Lavance Dp Purple sun/wd/avg 10" Deep purple-blue flowers do not bleach during the summer
Lavender Platinum Blonde sun/wd/avg 2' broad gray-green-cream variegated leaves that boast a sweet fragrance and purple blueish flowers.
Leucanthemum s Real Sunbeam sun/wd/avg 12" summer long bloom time a wonderful summer-blooming perennial with large daisy flowers. Colorfast deep yellow single blooms
Leucanthemum s Whoops-a Daisy sun/wd/avg 12" blooms early summer to early fall  Pristine white blooms with gold centers flourish from this drought-proof perennial that resists deer and rabbits.
Leucanthemum Snow Lady(chrysanthemum sun/wd/avg 8" mid season bloomer  snow white, excellent variety, blooms first year 
Lewesia c Elise sun-ps/wd 6" one of the most treasured rock garden plants.fleshy rosette of tough evergreen leaves, variety of colors & bi-colors
Liatris microcephala sun-ps/wd 18" August & September delicate strap-like foliage topped by magenta-purple flower spikes
Liatris Mix 30" mid season spikes of rosy-purple or white long bottlebrush-like flower spikes. Excellent as a cut flower or in the butterfly garden.
Liatris spic Floristan White sun/wd/m/pH 6 30" mid tall narrow white spikes, this is a beautiful plant in your garden
Liatris spic Purple sun/wd/m/pH 6 2' mid thick lavender colored spikes, don't miss having this plant in your garden
Ligularia the Rocket Full Shade only /constant m 5' mid In the middle of summer it sends up huge bright yellow flower spikes that are fragrant
Lilies as Navona Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 2-3' pristine white offset by very dark stamens;a large number of blooms
Lilies as Sundew Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 38" mid large orange buds that open to large 7" orange flowers with a burgundy-black center
Lilies LA Samur Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 22" Bright purple or dark lavender blooms with speckled leaves
Lilies or Casablanca Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 4-5' large, pure white, scented flowers.
Lilies or Distant Drum Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 3; mid summer Double, rich rose-pink blooms edged in white and have deep maroon freckles. Fragrant
Lilies or Jaybird Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 3' pink flowers have a dark pink stripe down the center of each petal surrounded by dark pink spots; fragrant
Lilies or Magic Star dbl Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 4' 12" fls white& pinkish tones with red banding and sprinkles of crimson turn these petals into raspberry fireworks.
Lilies or Roselily Annika Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 4' HUGE blooms; petals lightly touched with green - and fragrant too a 'WOW' in orientals;dbl & pollen free
Lilies or Roselily Corolla Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 32" dbl-wonderful double white flowers, similar to roses unfurling; no pollen, light spicy scent
Lilies or Roselily Isabella Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 4' mid  Extra popular variety; intense pink colour combined with its soft white edging; HUGE flowers; double & pollen free
Lilies or Speedy Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 12-14" e-mid Large pink flowers on short, stocky plants, 1-3 flowers per stem
Lilies or Stargazer Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 3' fragrant & fast growing; hor fuchsia pink petals with red dots. White edge on the petals. A Very popular lily
Lilies or Tarrango Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 4' solid deep pink with maroon spots. The very large flowers are also quite fragrant and flowers late summer
Lilies Trumpet Pink Perfection Sun-Ps/M/N/ARBSC 5-6' This improved strain includes light to deep pink to purple-black funnel-shaped flowers up to 10 or 12"long.
Linum sapphire  Sun-ps/wd/avg  15"  early mid   This compact variety produces a mound of ferny green foliage and loads of sky blue flowers for months  
Lobelia Star Scarlet sun-ps/wd/avg 2' Free flowering,floriferous,very attractive to hummers; scarlet blooms & near black stems. Good for waterside feature
Lupine Gallery Mix sun/wd/acid 2' lovely & showy… they will drop their seed so keep this in mind as to where you plant
Lupine Gallery Pink sun/wd/acid 2' mid Blooms first year with rose pink and white sweet pea-like flower spikes.
Lupine Popsicle Red sun/wd/acid 28" mid a beautiful red that makes a stunning display. From a distance it doesn't seem possible that this is a Lupine
Lychnis ark Vesuvius sun-ps/wd/avg  10"  mid season  if your looking for a plant with purplish leaves in the spring and bright orange flowers, look no further 
Lychnis chal Maltese Cross sun-ps/wd/avg 2' e-mid intense orange-red flowers, a brilliant addition to the garden
Lychnis flos-cucili sun-ps/wd/avg  18"  early-late  Ragged flowers deeply lobed fine petals. delicate & pretty 
Lysmachia numm Aurea part shade 4-6" GC vigorous with golden yellow leaves. Yellow flowers. Useful in certain areas
Monarda Electric Neon Pink sun-ps/wd/m/hr 2' early  A brand new, vibrant color. Flowers are produced above an upright mound of glossy, dark green leaves. '
Monarda Fireball sun-ps/wd/m/hr 2' mid summer bright scarlet flowers over glossy green foliage attractive to hummers/butterflies
Monarda Jacob Cline sun-ps/wd/m/hr 2' mid summer display of bright scarlet flowers over glossy green foliage attractive to hummers/butterflies
Monarda Marshal's Delight sun-ps/wd/m/hr 2' mid summer striking display of richly colored bright hot-pink flowers throughout the summer
Monarda Panorama mix sun-ps/wd/m/hr 14-16" mid summer popular bee plants in a mix of colors
Monarda Panorama Red sun-ps/wd/m/hr 40" mid popular bee plants
Monarda Snow White 2' mid summer beautiful clusters of fragrant white flowers; Monarda very fragrant & attractive to hummers & butterflies
Montauk Daisy sun/wd 28" late season NIPPOANTHEMUM  fall blooming pure white flowers with yellow centres. Very nice & bright. Deer resistant
Nepeta Cat's Pajamas PS/WD/M 3' CTS sun-ps/wd-12"-ball-shaped habit carries long, dark flower stems that hold indigo blue flowers.Early blooming
Nepeta Kitten Around sun-ps/wd 20" mid a tight, round mound of aromatic foliage. periwinkle blue flowers that bloom from summer through early fall.
Nepeta Six Hills Giant sun-ps/wd 3' broad and vigorous, very free flowering and the color of the flower is a deeper violet blue blossoms
Nepeta f Walker Junior sun-ps/wd 12" early to late Small pale lavender flowers are densely clustered and bloom from May to September; shear back for CTS
Nipponanthemum leu. Montauk Daisy  sun-wd 28"   late summer- fall all blooming oure white flowers with yellow centres... Very nice; deer & pest resistant 
Oenothera pi Yella Fella sun/wd/S 2' e-late large golden flowers, brilliant orange in bud, intensive green hairy foliage, reddish fall color, stable.
Opuntia polyacantha[prickly pear sun/V.V.Wd 20 high potash to flower let dry out completely in winter
Pachysandra Green Sheen shade/hr/M 6-12" extremely glossy foliage;a shrubby, slow growing evergreen ground cover .
Paeonia Adolphe Rousseau sun/wd/f/hr/m  40" One of the best double red peonies, with stunning scented flowers
Paeonia Buckeye Belle sun/wd/f/hr/m  3' A gorgeous semi-double peony with ruby-red petals that cup a ruffled center.
Paeonia Festiva Maxima sun/wd/f/hr/m 3' Large, pure white, fragrant blooms with occasional flecks of crimson at the base of the center petals
Paeonia Gardenia sun/wd/f/hr/m  2'  mid season sweet fragrance.The double flowers open from soft pink 8" buds beautifully-shaped, creamy white blossoms
Paeonia Itoh 1st Arrival sun/wd/f/hr/m 28" fragrant 8" blooms & are a variety between garden & tree peony;Lavender-pink, semi-double, lightly fragrant,
Paeonia Julia Rose sun/wd/f/hr/m 28" Pink and peach peony blossoms grow to 7-8". Light lemony fragrance. Deer resistant; a tree peony
Paeonia Karl Rosenfield sun/wd/f/hr/m 3' early- mid season Brilliant, fuchsia-red blooms are both sizable and fragrant. This double variety blooms from early to midsummer
Paeonia l Francois Ortegat sun/wd/f/hr/m  mid season  A breathtaking, deep magenta peony that dates to 1850—a true heirloom! semi-roses, have golden stamens
Paeonia Madame Calot sun/wd/f/hr/m 32" Creamy white flowers flushed with blush pink and darker pink outer petals; Fragrant
Paeonia Solange sun/wd/f/hr/m   3' large, fragrant, fully double, creamy white flowers,a suffusion of pale salmon pink within. Heavy blooms,sturdy stems.
Paeonia Sorbet sun/wd/f/hr/m  30" With luscious double flowers in cool shades of pink and cream, this variety looks good enough to eat! A real showstopper.
Papaver nud Champagne Bubles Mix sun/wd/f/hr/m  24" early  Absolutely dazzling when the sun shows through the translucent petals swaying with the slightest breeze.
Papaver o Fruit Punch sun best/wd/f/hr/m 30" 5" blooms of hot pink, orange, plum and red, dark centers & ruffled petals, blooms are weather resist
Papaver or Allegro  sun best/wd/f/hr/m  20"  compact perennial poppy that is non-sprawling, upright ; coral pink 
Papaver or Beauty of Livermore sun best/wd/f/hr/m 3' large, crepe papery, cup-shaped, scarlet red flowers with a dark eye and black splotches at their base.
Papaver or Brilliant sun best/wd/f/hr/m  36" late spring-early summer provides a cheerful display of huge brilliant scarlet-red satiny flowers
Papaver or Pizzcato sun best/wd/f/hr/m   22"  e-mid  this compact growing strain features flowers in shades of white,pink,salmon & scarlet
Papaver or Royal Wedding sun best/wd/f/hr/m   3' large white blossoms with a maroon-black eye.  They disappear in summer so plant with something bushy like Rudbeckia
Papaver or Victoria Louise sun best/wd/f/hr/m  6" early to mid season  bold salmon round flowers with black eyes at the ends of the stems  
Penstemon Midnight Masquerade Full sun/wd/gravelly soil 30" a sturdy clump of deep burgundy purple leaves. The dark color of the foliage best in full sun
Pervoskia at Rocketman Sun/dry/wd 3' mid season stronger stems & a more upright habit than most. Its aromatic, grey-green leaves fluffy lavender blue flowers
Pervoskia ariplicfolia sun/wd/rich 5' mid bushy upright clumps of greyish leaves that are lacy & fragrant. Spikes of violet-blue flowersin mid summer & late fall
Phlox d White Perfume sun/wd/m/good air movement  12" july-October Clouds of fragrant, starry white flowers dance above gently spreading clumps of fine, glossy green foliage.
Phlox p Cloudburst sun/wd/m/good air movement 28" Dark purple buds open to lavender purple flowers with bright pink eyes that cover a broad, mounding, fragrant
Phlox p David sun/wd/m/good air movement 28" tall white sweetly fragrant large white flowers. Blooms late summer into the fall
Phlox p Fashion Early Crystal sun/wd/m/good air movement 32" early White globes of flowers with a faint purple eye; blooms earlier than most paniculatas.
Phlox p Sherbet Blend 30" A unique blend of pink, green and white blooms plus it's scented too
Phlox s Bedazzled Pink spring Sun/dry/wd 6" mid season Bright, medium pink flowers with a small, dark purple star-shaped a few days earlier to bloom then subulata
Phlox s Eye Shadow sun/wd/m/good air movement 5" early  a spectacular wave of purple-pink blooms to end the spring season, very floriferous
Phlox s North Hills sun/wd/m/good air movement 4-6" early smothered with bright white flowers with a prominent violet eye; may re-bloom in fall
Phlox s Red Wing  sun/wd/m/good air movement  7"   early has striking pinkish-crimson flowers with a dark red center . It makes a tremendous color impact  
Phlox s Rocky Road Magenta sun/wd/m/good air movement 5" early grows in alpine conditions; super tough
Physalis Chinese Lantern sun/wd/m 30" late this can be invasive but is lovely in fall bouquets
Physostegia Chrysal Peak White sun/part shade/well drained 18" mid-late a compact mound, bearing spikes of classy white flowers from midsummer through the fall
Platycodon Astra Blue sun-ps.wd/m 8" mid balloon-lke buds burst open into a semi double bell shaped blue flowers. 2-3" across
Platycodon Astra Pink sun-ps.wd/m  8" mid a short dwarf balloon flower with semi-double bright pink flowers in summer
Platycodon Fairy Snow sun-ps.wd/m 10" mid Single, white, star-shaped flowers have dark blue lines centred in each petal; Dwarf, compact mound
Polemonium Heavenly Habit sun-ps/wd 10-12" spring DH-bearing loads of violet-blue, starry flowers, each with a white eye. Blooms appear over a long season.
Polemonium r Touch of Class sun-ps/wd 12" a mound of sage-green ferny leaves, each leaflet neatly edged in white. Clusters of lightly fragrant pale-blue bells rise taller in mid to late spring
Polygonatum od Ruby Slippers sun-ps/wd 3' early summer bright red, upright and slightly arching stems that are red from base to tip with Mini white bells
Potentila Gibson' Scarlet sun/wd   2'  all summer bushy clumping single extra vibrant red flowers. Attract butterflies
Primula Pacifac Giant pshade/m/hr/acid 6" early fragrant, mixture of bright colors
Primula v Ballerina Amethyst Ice pshade/m/hr/acid 7" lavender blue ruffled with an icy white edge
Primula v Ballerina Pink Ice pshade/m/hr/acid 12" Large white flowers with pink edged petals; dbl clusters of rose-like flowers; Compact and long-blooming.
Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash pshade/wd/m/hr/ DO NOT LET THIS PLANT DRY OUT late spring pink flower clusters dance among the dark green, silver-spotted leaves in late spring.
Pulmonaria Twinkle Toes pshade/wd/m/hr/ DO NOT LET THIS PLANT DRY OUT 8" spring produces sweet, little sky-blue flowers in spring. Hummers & bees love the blooms;
Pulsatilla vulg White sun-ps/wd/lime 8" early large 2" bells, white
Pulsitilla vulg Rubra sun-ps/wd/lime 8" early  large 2" deep red blooms, attractive seed heads 
Pulsitilla vulg Violet(pasque) sun-ps/wd/lime 8" early large 2" bells, violet. Attractive seed heads
Rhus New Zealand sun/wd 4' mid  grow as an annual;The leaf petioles and the stems are densely covered in rust-colored hairs.
Rudbeckia Am.Gold Rush sun-ps/wd 26" dome-like habit of golden yellow flowers with black centers are produced heavily from July to September
Rudbeckia f Little Goldstar sun-ps/wd 16" mid summer until frost starburst-shaped, 2-2½”, golden yellow blossoms held just above the foliage. 
Rudbeckia f Goldstrum sun-ps/wd 28" late black-eyed susan
Rudbeckia lac Goldquelle sun-ps/wd 20" Large, fully double, lemon-yellow flowers with contrasting green centres that turn yellow as they age.
Rudbeckia lancinata sun-ps/wd  10' August to October unusual green-centers surrounded by bright yellow petals; perfect for streambanks & ponds;bees & hummers
Rudbeckia n Herbstonne sun-ps/wd 5-6' late summer Coneflower with HUGE single golden blooms;
Rudbeckia triloba sun-ps/wd  3'  m-late yellow rays with brown purple centre
Sagina subulata Irish Moss Crispy sun/v.wd/gritty 3" mid v.small white flower/GC
Salvia n Co Sp Crystal Blue sun/wd/M 2' a lovely upright perennial producing unique flowering spikes of pale sky blue flowers. An excellent blue Sage,
Salvia n Violet Profusion sun/wd/M 16" violet blue;fragrant; attracts butterflies
Salvia Sweet Petite sun/wd/M 14" large, lavender pink flowers with near red, dark rose buds.
Sanguineria canadensis 10" emerges early spring; white with pink tinge; good for naturalizing; woodland
Saponaria ocymoides pink sun/wd 8" early GC/cut back hard for re-bloom,X for walls
Scabiosa c Ritz Blue  sun/wd/f/n-alk   12" mid  double blue colored blooms
Sedum Atlantis sun/wd/f/n-alk  6" mid  wide margins of cream to yellow provides a distinctive warmth, charm, and character.Small colorful yellow clusters appear above the foliage.
Sedum Autumn Joy sun/wd/f/n-alk 40 late Great fall color, purple-rose
Sedum Carl sun/wd/f/n-alk 18" late gray-green foliage on reddish stems topped with bright magenta pink flowers in late summer and fall .
Sedum fors Oracle sun/wd/f/n-alk  8" rosettes of blue-green. Needle-like leaves & bright yellow flowers
Sedum Night Embers sun/wd/f/n-alk 24" upright habit of dark black-purple, semi-glossy succulent leaves. Small clusters of light mauve pink ...
Sedum oreganum sun/wd/f/n-alk  mid  yellow, forms cushions, red-brown in sunlight 
Sedum spur Tricolor sun/wd/f/n-alk  3" excellent ground cover of forms a low carpet of green leaves. Dappled with pink & cramy white
Sedum spur Voodoo sun/wd/f/n-alk 6" tough perennial forms a spreading mat of deep-red succulent leaves. Clusters of tiny rose-pink flowers in summer
Sedum Sunsparkler Dazzler Berry sun/wd/f/n-alk 6" brilliant raspberry colored flower clusters that are up to 9"in diameter
Sedum Thunderhead sun/wd/f/n-alk 30" masses of huge, flower heads packed with star-shaped, deep rose blooms
Sempervivien Chick Charm sun/wd/f/n-alk Succulents are really popular right now and these offer an alternative to some of the more tropical options available today.
Sempervivien Hens & Chicks sun/wd/f/n-alk 3" produce rosettes of thick leaves that cluster together in colonies of both large and small plants. Foliage color varies ...
Sempervivum ara Cobweb sun/wd/f/n-alk 6" is a small-growing selection of hen and chicks that is especially lovely with its tight rosettes of cobwebbed foliage
Sidalcea Candy Girl sun or pshade/evenly moist 2' mid beautiful spikes of rose round flowers rising above the foliage; good cut flower
Sildacea Elsie Heugh sun or pshade/evenly moist  2'  early belongs to Hollyhock family & should be divided every 2-3 years.Good cut flower. Satiny pink
Silene Rollie's Favourite sun-ps/wd  15-20  early-mid  single slightly cupped soft pink flowers with white centers 
Stokesia Honeysong Purple 14" mid summer 4" true royal purple flowers with a hint of red towards the center that darkens as it ages.Mid summer bloom
Thymus pseudo Wooly Lavender sun/wd/N-alk 10 early pink with distinctive dark striped foliage
Thymus serp(Mother of Thyme sun/wd/N-alk 30 mid fragrant/GC & between stones
Tiarella Candy Striper ps-shade/M/Hr 10" mounding habit, large leaf size, pink flower buds, and white, foamy flowers in growing
Tradescantia a Bilberry Ice full sun or shade/ps/m/wd  8" July-October grassy foliage amongst which nestle the cheery lilac and white flowers.Beautiful
Tradescantia Leonora full sun or shade/ps/m/wd  12" very long blooming Long narrow green leaves in a dense clump set off clusters of violet-blue flowers.
Tradescantia Red Cloud full sun or shade/ps/m/wd 20" very very lovely triangle red flowers
Tricyitis for Autumn Glow shade/M/Hr/wd 2'h x 3'w green leaves with a wide, yellow-green border.Creamy flower stars are freckled with purple
Trillium Red Trillium shady/HR found growing in open woodlands and protected hillsides.Long-lived & trouble-free with unusual three-petaled flowers
Trollius ch Golden Queen Sun/wd 3' late spring & early summer extremely popular , bursting into colour. semi-double golden yellow flowers
Trollius Cheddar Sun/wd 14" late spring & early summer bursting into colour in late spring and early summer. semi-double flowers in a wonderful soft yellow
Uvularia grandiflora p shade/D/S 2' spring one of the 1st woodland plants to emerge in the spring. Yellow drooping bells.Vase shaped
Valerian offinalis sun/wd  8' mid  huge intensly fragrant flower heads, must DH immediately after flowering 
Verbascum ph Rosetta sun/wd/p/alk 24" e-late beautiful carmine-pink blooms from early to late season
Vernonia Southern Cross sun/wd/p/alk 3' Sun/avg/P-4'-deep green foliage throughout the summer. In late summer, producing an airy dome of small purple flowers,
Veronica Lvndr Lightsaber sun-ps/wd/m/avg late Sun/ps /sharp drainage-28"-soft lavender flowers covering the top half of a columnar, upright habit.
Veronica long Blue Shades sun-ps/wd/m/avg   16"  mid  bushy plant, bright blue 
Veronica Magc Shw White Wands Sun/Wd/P/Alk 18" summer Thick spikes ofbright white flowers are borne prolifically atop the low, wide clump of dark green foliage
Veronica Magc Shw Wizard of Ahhs sun-ps/wd/m/avg   18" mid summer Thick spikes of violet blue flowers are borne prolifically atop the low, wide clump of dark green foliage
Veronica Magic Show Pink Potion Sun/ps /sharp drainage 18-22" attracts hummers & butterflies, pink shades…
Veronica Mona Lisa Smile Sun/ps /sharp drainage 22" paintbrush-like long spikes of rosy purple; one of the earliest speedwells to bloom
Vinca minor Bowles sun/v dry 5" early creeping, purple flowers; great ground cover
Viola c Columbine p shade.wd violas usually more heat tolerant than pansies; white strongly streaked with purple
Viola cor Rebecca part shade/WD white, flushed in lemon yellow with deep violet markings. vanilla fragrance and evergreen foliage. Reblooms if sheared
Viola cornuta Etain part shade/WD  6-8"  early  large pale lemon yellow blossoms with lavender margins. Floriferous
Yucca f Golden Sword Full sun/wd spring Boldly striped green & creamy yellow sword-like leaves;tall showy spikes of fragrant, ivory white blooms in spring.
Zauschneria H'bird Flwr sun/wd 3'h x 2'w late Blooms early fall, bright scarlet-orange flowers, it attracts hummingbirds like crazy. ... WATER HEAVY


Helpful Hint: when planting perennials it is important to build a good foundation for your plants to live & produce.Make sure your soil is well weeded & ammended with compost.

Every spring your garden needs a good application of bonemeal & a slow release fertilizer & compost if possible.Remember not to fertilze your perennials after August 1st as this will cause fresh new growth & can lead to winter kill. If you want to divide or move your perennials it is always best to do so in the early spring when you see new growth just starting..If you must move plants when they are fully grown & in full leaf, do so on an overcast rainy day, this will help to reduce shock.