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BOLD means new or new to us this year. Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; D-dry; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; VV-very very; P-poor; SD-sharply drained; N-neutral; A-alkaline; AC-acid; X-excellent; GC-ground cover; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive;

Perennials 2021
Species/Variety Description
Achillea Sassy Summer Taffy Sun/any/wd-32";yellow, red, pink, and orange;mid-late summer blooms $12.99
Aconitum fischeri Sun-ps.wd/hr-upright spikes of lavender-blue flowers late summer to early fall when few other blue flowers are in bloom. $12.99
Aconitum napellus Sun-ps.wd/hr-4'; deep purplish blue; blooms mid summer $9.99
Actaea Cimicifuga Brunette rich moist woodland- purple black, finely divided foliage, gracefully arching wands of fragrant white flowers in late summer and fall. $19.99
Actaea Cimicifuga Hill B Beauty rich moist woodland- ferny, coppery-purple foliage 2.5’ tall, flower spikes height to 4-6’ tall.cut back in late fall; $19.99
Aegopodium p Variegatum shade/wdm/Goutweed, GC that quickly forms a dense, weed-proof carpet, even under difficult growing conditions. $9.99
Agastache Blue Fortune Sun/wd-3'--Gardeners top pick!Its long flowering season, showy lav-blu spikes, licorice-scented foliage,deer tolerance; bees love it $12.99
Agastache Poquito Orange sun/wd- 12" attractive Orange color; long blooming season; deer tolerant; bees love it; Agastache's great pollinator $5.35
Agastache Tango Sun/wd-16"-vibrant orange-is an appealing perennial for summer through fall color in a sun-loving garden. $4.99
Ajuga Bronze Burgundy shade/wd-4"-ground cover is widely grown despite its invasiveness, because it's pretty and fills in fast.Burgundy-blue leaves $9.99
Ajuga Green shade/wd-4"-ground cover is widely grown despite its invasiveness, because it's pretty and fills in fast. $9.99
Alcea Black Knight Sun/wd/f- 4'- incredible, single to semi-double, almost black flowers in dramatic, tall flower spikes. $9.99
Alcea Chaters Dbl Mix sun/wd/f 6', mid- late blooming, gorgeous double mix blooms, showy flowers, tall & stately $4.99
Alcea Chaters Queeny Purple sun/wd/f 26", mid season bloomer, double deep purple-red blooms, dwarf variety, an award winner $4.99
Alcea hyb Las Vegas sun/wd/f 5', mid- late blooming, gorgeous single mix blooms, showy flowers, makes a great display $4.99
Alcea r Mars Magic sun/wd/f-8'-brilliant red colors. single flowers on tall, sturdy stalk $4.99
Alcea r nigra sun/wd/f-8'-Deep blackish-purple, single flowers on tall, sturdy stalk $4.99
Alcea r Peaches & Dreams Sun/wd-4-6';fully double, peach-colored blossoms which are sometimes tinged with raspberry-pink. $9.99
Alcea r Radiant Rose sun-wd/f-6'-single purple-black flowers bloom on tall stately stalks all summer $4.99
Alcea rugosa Sun/wd/f-5-6', looks great planted en masse; pale yellow single blooms...short lived but it is self-seeding $4.99
Allium Chives (herb) wd/ 18"…edible & nice purple flower heads… $8.99
Allium Lavender Bubbles sun/wd-12" dark purple bubble shaped flowers; slightly twisted blue-green foliage; long blooming season $12.99
Alyssum sax Compactum sun; early bloom; 8" bright yellow; very popular $4.99
Amsonia t Starstruck sun-ps/wd-18x36-vase shapedLight periwinkle blue, star-shaped flowers cover the foliage in late spring, rebloomer $16.99
Amsonia t Storm Cloud sun/wd/m -2';blue shades, blooms early. Hardy. Fall interest $16.99
Anemone Fall in Love Sweetly Sun-ps/avg-26"semi-double pink rose fragrant; butterflies & resistant to deer and rabbits. The upright and mounded foliage $19.99
Anemone h Queen Charlotte' sun-ps/wd-3' tall semi-double, silky pink blossoms up to 3" wide $9.99
Anemone Pamina sun-ps/wd 30” tall. Double deep rose-pink flowers up to 2" across lovely late summer blooms $12.99
Anemone Spring Beau Pink sun-ps/wd-18"; lovely pink spring blooms $16.99
Aquilegia c K Dp Blue & White sun-ps-22" dark indigo blue and white shades.; woodland borders; long lasting cut flower $9.99
Aquilegia c K Rose & Pink sun-ps-22" Rose and white shades.; woodland borders; long lasting cut flower $9.99
Aquilegia c Kirigami Mix Sun-ps/wd-18" upward 2-3" blooms…DH regularily; blooms early spring $4.99
Aquilegia c Little Lanterns sun-ps; 1'; drooping red/yellow bell-like flowers; will self seed; attracts hummers $4.99
Arabis Barranca Dp Rose sun-ps/wd 6"; well known, used as a border plant,; trim back after flowering to keep neat & tidy $4.99
Arabis Little Treasure White sun-ps/wd-5";masses of sweetly fragrant, small snow-white flowers for several weeks. Drought tolerant $4.99
Arctostaphylos V Jade sun-ps/wd/gritty/M -4-6"-Bearberry-soft pink flowers fall red berries $12.99
Arenaria m Blizzard cmpct sun/avg/ wd/ 4-6", sprg-summ bloom,alpine plant,cushion forming evergreen,lrg whte flowers;self seed $4.99
Arisaema triphyllum Pshade/M-2'; woodland; Jack in the Pulpit; unusual looking greenish-yellowish plant; birds love the seeds $12.99
Armeria Bloodstones sun/wd-8" bright, rosy red flower heads on stiff, upright stems.; dense clumps; spring blooming Bee tolerant $12.99
Artemesia Silver Mound sun/wd 6", mid season bloomer, nice mounding form, cut back when foliage gets straggly $12.99
Aruncus dioicus 'Kneiffii' sun-ps/M/F-18-24”- very lace-like, ferny look. Lots of lovely astilbe-like; creamy white flowers $12.99
Asarum europeaum Woodland/M/ Basically a stemless plant with two downy, heart-shaped, veined, dark green, leaves (to 6" wide). $16.99
Asclepais t 'Gay Butterflies' sun-M-wet/ tolerate dry; 28"-fiery oranges to yellow; important food for Monarch's $12.99
Asclepias in Cinderella sun/medium to M soils-2-4';pink to dk pink with white crowns;fragrant;good cut; attracts butterflies $9.99
Asclepias in Ice Ballet sun-M-wet but tolerate dry/wd-3'-showy, fragrant. Attractive to butterflies; White $9.99
Asclepias t Hellow Yellow sun/M-wet but will tolerate dry;2'-three months of golden yellow blooms from early through late summer. $12.99
Asclepias tuberosa sun/wd/M 18", excellent summer blooms; yellow-orange; fragrant & attractive to butterflies 4.99/12.99
Aster Fall Blue sun/M/wd/3' a great fall color…darker blue then the native $9.99
Aster Fall Magneta sun/M/wd/3' a great fall color…magenta… very pretty… great fall display $9.99
Aster Fall Pink sun/M/wd/3' great for a fall color…light pink… very pretty… great fall display $9.99
Aster n a Grape Crush sun-ps/wd- 30" produces a large, very round mound with densely packed flowers. Very rich, dark purple; late blooming $12.99
Astilbe a Bressingham Beauty PS/wd/M-36" arching plumes of dusty salmon rose flowers beginning in early summer. $12.99
Astilbe a Bridal Veil PS/wd/M-30"-dense, pyramidal shaped, ivory white flower plumes which stand out in the night garden $12.99
Astilbe a Fanal Ps/wd-18"-the darkest red flowers of all Astilbes; is a top choice with its full, ; bronze foliage in early-mid summer. $12.99
Astilbe ch Purple Rain Ps/wd/M-22"fluffy plumes in shades of lavender to magenta, over a mound of elegant, lacy green leaves; vigorous $12.99
Astilbe S&S Fireberry PS/wd/M-16"-spends all its energy on blooms, creating torch-like masses of hot pink panicles $12.99
Astilbe th Ostrich Plume PS/wd/M-40"coral-rose, arching plumes are very large, open, and drooping; very different than typical astilbe flowers $12.99
Astrantia m Hadspen Blood sun-ps/M-wet-32"- bearing carmine-red pincushion flowers on maroon stems. DH to promote reblooming $12.99
Baptisia australis rich woodland-4'; a standout because of it's rich blue flowers $12.99
Baptisia Indigo Spires Sun-/wd-12-15" spikes of deep violet pea-shaped; green leaves extend down the stem; not invasive; easy to grow $19.99
Belamcanda Freckle Face sun-ps/clay soil- 2'-brilliant orange blossoms with heavy red specking; sword-shaped foliage like that of a tall bearded iris. $12.99
Bellis Habanera Mix sun/wd 4", continuous 1" blooms, mixture of red, pink & white colors $4.99
Bletilia s 'Blue Dragon' sorya cool humus rich/shade- exotic, mauve-blue flowers above clumps of linear, corrugated leaves in late spring & summer. $12.99
Brunnera m Jack Frost Ps/mod M/ 1x1'- Small, forget-me-not-like flowers of light blue with yellow centres $19.99
Brunnera variegata Ps/wd-18"-irregular, creamy white leaf margins that simply glow in the shade; forget me not like flowers $19.99
Cactus Prickly Pear(Optunia sun/V.V.Wd 8", mid season blooms, use high potash to bring into flower, let dry out completely in winter[prickly pear] $9.99
Calamintha nepeta Ps/M-18". gray-green leaves fragrant when crushed. white or pale lilac flowers. late summer until frost $9.99
Campanula g Church Bells sun-ps.wd-18" clusters of violet purple flowers are packed onto rich, dark green foliage.pollinator friendly.. Deer resist $9.99
Campanula c Vi Teacups sun-ps/wd-low,intense violet purple- cushion-shaped mound , with loads of upfacing, open bells appearing in early summer $9.99
Campanula Champion Blue sun-ps/wd-24"-deep blue; 8-10 stems per plant; great cut flower;attractive color; early to late summer $4.99
Campanula g Angel Bells sun-ps/wd-18"-Well-formed clusters of white flowers are packed onto rich, dark green foliage. A little later bloom $9.99
Campanula lactiflora full sun/M-4', conical shaped blooms of blue violet or white;attracts butterflies $4.99
Campanula p Blue Waterfall' sun-ps-8" x 2'-trailing bellflower; does well in containers; lavender-blue; sometimes repeat bloomer $12.99
Campanula p Clp Rapido Blue sun-ps-8" opens up to upward facing 'cup-like' blooms..very nice; mid-season blooms $4.99
Carnation Grenadine Mix sun/wd/avg 24", mid season blooms, excellent selection, good cut flowers $4.99
Centaurea m Amethyst in Snow' sun-ps-2' bi-colour spectacular Silky, white petals in the shape of tubes sprouting outward from the spiky purple center, $16.99
Centranthus rubra Cocc sun-ps/compact in poor soils; good in fertile soil -3', red-pink, good for naturalizing, good butterfly flower, leaf fragrant $4.99
Cerastium tomentosa sun/dry 5", early bloomer, snow-in-summer, large white flowers, abundant blooming $4.99
Chelone Hot Lips ps/wd/M/rich - 2-4'- rose pink, turtle-head-shaped flowers. Red stems . Bronze green early season; woodland $12.99
Chelone Tiny Tortuga' Ps/wd-16"- lush deep-green shiny leaves topped with dark hot pink flowers which are shaped like little turtle heads. $12.99
Convalaria majalis shade to deep shade/M/wd-8" single waxy bell shaped fragrant flowers..invasive $9.99
Coreopsis Lil Bang Daybreak sun/wd-10" long-blooming tickseed with single red flowers that have a vibrant, yellow orange edge. It is short and very compact $9.99
Coreopsis Lil Bang Starlight sun-wd-1'-large white blossoms with burgundy star shaped blooms…Neat & compact plant stays fresh looking all summer $9.99
Coreopsis Uptick Cream Red Sun/wd-1'-large, cream flowers with a deep burgundy central patch and large yellow eye. summer to autumn, $4.99
Corydalis Hillier Porcelain Ps/cool -15"- an exquisite woodland plant displays vibrant aqua blue flowers in spring, repeating profusely in late summer to fall. $16.99
Crocosmia Lucifer sun/wd 30", mid season blooms, long lasting intense red blooms, must be lifted & dried $9.99
Darmera peltata Ps/woodland-4-5'- large, glossy, rounded leaves to 18 in. across;Clusters of soft pink flowers appear before the leaves in e sprng $9.99
Daylilies can survive harsh conditions that other plants cannot including: polluted city environments, slopes, poor and dry soils, near pavement that is salted in winter
Delosperma WOW Hot Pink Sun/ws/sandy- 6"x20" stunning, hot pink flowers. a magnet for bees and butterflies.Blooms early summer to fall $9.99
Delphinium Blk Eyed Angels sun-ps/wd/M/HR-4' spires frilly white flowers with black bees.Stems are very strong, holding up well in the landscape; group planting. $9.99
Delphinium Blue Butterfly sun-ps/wd/M/HR- 2'- gentian-blue; unlike other Delp's not spiky; $4.99
Delphinium MF Pink sun-ps/wd/m/hr-3'- sturdy flower spikes, densely packed with large, semi-double lilac pink florets and contrasting white eyes $9.99
Delphinium MF Sky Blue sun-ps/wd/m/hr-3'- It's the prettiest of blues and makes all other colors, all the more lovely. double florets. $4.99
Delphinium PG Black Knight sun/M/wd-4-6' dark purple with white bees…. For best results provide staking $4.99
Delphinium PG Mix sun-ps/wd/m/hr -7', early to late blooming,flowers are semi-double to double mixed colors $4.99
Dianthus b Barbarini Mix sun/wd/ provide moisture 8"-dwarf Sw Wm- late summer vlooms of pink, white red'd; remove spent blooms for more flowers $4.99
Dianthus b Rockin Red sun/wd/provide moisture-18" use in baking etc for clove flavoring; barbatus…sweet william $4.99
Dianthus C. Orange Crush sun/wd/M-10" large semi-doubled vibrant salmon-orange flowers edged with white. Very attractive to hummingbirds; Fragrant; DH $12.99
Dianthus Classic Coral sun/wd/M 10"- fragrant, double coral pink blossoms, compact mound of blue-green foliage.edgeing sunny borders and pathways. $12.99
Dianthus delt Artic Fire sun/wd/M-10-12"; blooms profusely with frilly white serrated petals surrounding a deep fiery red eye. $4.99
Dianthus delt Zing Rose sun/wd/M-8-10"; a rosy-red spreading border plant $4.99
Dianthus FP Sweetie Pie sun/wd/M-10" fragrant, semi double flowers;heat tolerance. early summer/ fall. true pink with a subtle darker eye. $12.99
Dianthus Paint Twn Fuchsia sun/wd/M- 8" early to bloom, producing ¾-1” wide, single fuchsia flowers with lavender centers and incredibly serrated petals. Scent $12.99
Dianthus PP Kiss & Tell sun/wd/M-a 8-10"- halo of pure white around a magenta lip shaped center.Semi double ecent $12.99
Dianthus Scent First® 'Coconut Surprise' sun/wd/M 8"-pure white double flowers, up to 1.5 in. , adorned with a claret red eye.a nice scent $12.99
Dicentra s Valentine Sun/wd/M/HR-1'-compact variety with dark green leaves & fragrant, deep red flowers hanging from red stems. A newer intro . $24.99
Dicentra spec Alba sun-ps/wd/M/HR 44", mid season blooms, old fashioned bleeding heart, white flowers $19.99
Dicentra spectablis sun-ps/wd/M/HR 44", mid season bloomer, old fashioned bleeding heart, pink flowers $12.99
Dictamus albus 'Albiflorus' Sun-ps/M/HR-2' tall white star shaped spikes; glossy foliage has a Citrus scent; once situated is long lived; plant with Peonies $12.99
Digitalis Candy Mountain ps/wd/HR/M-3'-upright spikes of rose-pink, bell-shaped flowers with pale throats speckled with darker spots. Early to mid summer $4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Mix ps/wd/M/HR 4', blooms early to late, large bellflowers, dense spikes, healthy & uniform grower. $4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Peach ps/wd/M/HR-4'-upright funnel-shaped, soft peach flowers with tiny orange speckled throats.Fast growing. Early to mid flowering $4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Purple ps/wd/M/HR-4'-boasting upright spikes of outward facing, lilac purple flowers with maroon spotted throats. Early to mid flowering $4.99
Digitalis Foxy ps/wd/M/HR-2'-Spikes of creamy-white, mauve and pink flowers with spotted throats; Early to mid flowering $4.99
Dodecatheon 'Aphrodite' sun-ps-18"This forms a low rosette of rounded leaves, bearing upright stems of bright magenta-pink flowers with a yellow centre. $9.99
Echinacea Artisan Red Ombre sun/wd-18-20" a hybrid seed variety;highly branched, dense plants that flower uniformly; red- red orange $12.99
Echinacea p Cheyenne Spirit sun/wd-26-28"; 2013 AAS ;flower colors purple, pink, red and orange tones to lighter yellows, creams and white $4.99
Echinacea p Green Twister sun/wd-28-36"- This lively green coneflower will show natural variation in the color and size of the green edge $9.99
Echinacea p Lemon Drop sun/wd- 16-18"-ray petals in bright yellow surrounding a lime powderpuff green centre. Plant is compact with a well-branched $19.99
Echinacea p Magnus sun/wd 44", mid season blooms, intense red. 1998 plant of the year $4.99
Echinacea p 'Orange Passion' sun/wd-28"-fragrant.bees will love them! Orange that mature to peach, with large burgundy cones;leave flowers for birds in winter $19.99
Echinacea p Pow Wow White sun/wd- 20"-Pure white with golden yellow cone'3-4” across with wide overlapping,reflexed petals.Early-late $4.99
Echinacea p Pow Wow Wild Berry sun/wd-20" Unique, intense rose flowers with dark rose centre. $4.99
Echinacea p Ruby Star sun/wd 44", continuous blooms, improved purple coneflower with larger flowers & more intense carmine-red color $4.99
Echinacea p White Swan sun/wd -white, daisy-like flowers from early summer into early autumn. Its prominent coppery-green central cones $4.99
Echinacea paradoxa sun/wd-26"; showy yellow coneflower with single yellow hanging petals with large brown cone $4.99
Echinacea Prairie Splendor sun/wd-2';rose-pink flowers with 4-6" blooms...will bloom first year from June to to do some deadheading for extended bloom $4.99
Echinacea purpurea(Purple C'flower sun/wd-2';mauve-purple-pink, drooping petals also used as an herb,echinacea makes our own immune cells more efficient $4.99
Echinacea Rainbow Marcella sun/wd-15"; gorgeous apricot-orange blooms which gradually mature to soft pink, $19.99
Echinops b Blue Glow sun-ps/wd-3'-early summer, intense blue spheres measuring 1.5" across.attrated by Bumblebees & nocturnal moths $9.99
Echinops r Veitch's Blue Sun/wd -18" this species improved by producing intense steel blue flowerheads. $9.99
Epimedium p Frohnleiten ps-shade- wd/avg/medium M-GC- 6-12"- green/bronze leaves with green veins; cut back foliage in spring if winter damage; yellow fls 12.99
Epimedium w Sandy Claws ps-shade- wd/avg/med M-GC-8" long, lance-shaped leaves &spiny margins. New foliage maroon coloring unique to the shade garden. 26.99
Eremurus is 'Cleopatra' sun-3'-strap-shaped green leaves early to mid summer, each flower spike is richly covered with hundreds of tiny apricot blossoms $9.99
Eryngium p Blue Glitter sun/wd-1'x2'w-glittering steel-blue flowers, tightly packed into egg-shaped heads,..excellent selection $9.99
Eupatorium m Atropurpureum' sun/wd-4'- clumps of coarse green leaves,large umbrella-like heads of rosy-purple flowers in late summer. deep purple stems. $9.99
Euphorbia Bonfire sun/wd-18"- foliage that begins green, quickly changing to deep maroon red. Flower heads have bright yellow bracts in spring $12.99
Euphorbia polychroma sun/wd 16", early blooms, light yellow, lovely color in garden $9.99
Gailardia Arizona Apricot sun/wd/F-12"-early-blooming, compact exquisite pastel blend of apricot and yellow, a never-before-seen color mix $4.99
Gailardia Arizona Red shades sun/wd/F-12"dwarf, well branched variety that thrives in dry heat. brick red petals and a darker burgundy cone CTS $4.99
Galium odoratum Ps/wd-1'-(sweet woodruff), mat-forming grown as a GC and features fragrant, lance-shaped, dark green leaves $9.99
Gaultheria Peppermint Pearl Sun-ps/12"evergreen dp green. Delicate, bell-like flowers bloom in early summer, edible berries white as pearls $12.99
Gaura Pink Fountain sun/S-18"-Small silky blooms of soft blush-pink are held just above on short wiry stems. $5.35
Gaura Sparkle White Sun/S/18"-graceful, slender stems are topped with a flurry of dazzling white, starry blooms $4.99
Gentian c Blue Cross su-ps/poor to avg wd-10"-intense blue violet flowers on compact, durable, drought resistant plants. $9.99
Gentian s Bella Aplinella sun-ps/wd/M-4-6" brilliant blue, short stems, forming compact cushions, fantastic summer gentian. $12.99
Gentian True Blue sun-ps/wd/M-True sapphire blue 30"upward-facing 2” flowers bright green foliage. long-blooming; summer/fall $19.99
Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' sun-ps-spreading mound to 12-18” tall and to 24-30” wide. One of the most popular blue geraniums; late spring to early summer $9.99
Geranium p Dark Reiter Sun-ps/wd-12"-finely cut, plum purple foliage. From early to late summer,vibrant lilac blue flowers $9.99
Geum Blazing Sunset sun/wd-2'- fully double, scarlet blooms; compact yet excellent cut flower.Perfect border plant $9.99
Geum Koi Sun-ps/wd/M-2'-Semidouble, pink, rose and cream flowers with ruffled petals. Sterile flowers provide a long bloom time. $4.99
Gypsophilia r Filou Rose sun/wd-low tight mat of blue-green leaves, bearing masses of small starry, light pink, fragrant, single flowers in early summer, $4.99
Heather Calluna vulg sun/wd/Ac/ 10-12" mixed selection of colors , blooms in the summer $12.99
Hedera Thorndale sun-ps/avg- deep green broadleaf evergreen with creamy white veining. Good for covering up bad areas & for ground erosion $24.99
Helenium Salsa sun-ps/wd-18-20" Flowers are bold red around a brown cone, $12.99
Helianthus maximillian sun/wd/5'-Sunflower-oarse and hairy, grayish-green leaves, usually folded lengthwise, and a profusion of brilliant yellow flowers, $4.99
Heliopsis Bleeding Hearts Sun/M/wd-3-4'-orange -yellow; long blooming season; attracts bees&butterflies; deer resistant $4.99
Heliopsis h Burning Hearts Sun-wd-4'-bicolored, vivid red-eyed and golden, dark purple leaves, black stems, sturdy habit;blooms from July - October $4.99
Helleborus or. 'Red Lady' Shade/Hr/W- Evergreen flowering perennial, cup-shaped, upright flowers bloom mixed colors late winter to early spring $19.99
Helleborus Rosemary Shade/Hr/Wd-2.5-3" semi-double pure white flowers; flowers are naturally side-facing. $26.99
HEMEROCALLIS All Varieties Daylilies look better planted in a mixed border T (tetraploid) ARE HIGHER BUD COUNT…not from tissure culture
Hemerocallis Lies & Lipstick sun/wd-2'- ruffled edge and eye zone on soft white-pink petals. Reblooming with a very showy $19.99
Hemerocallis McBeth sun/wd-2'-lavender purple reblooming hemerocallis with deep purple eye and edge above a green throat. Tetraploid 6" Bloom $16.99
Hemerocallis Moses Fire sun/wd-22"- 6" double bright red-orange flowers with a faint yellow edge. exaggerated ruffling. High bud count and excellent rebloom $12.99
Hemerocallis Spacecoast Sea Shells sun/wd- 5 1/2" creamy-white blooms with a vivid purple eye and edging. The yellow throat contrasts nicely.rebloomer $16.99
Hemerocallis Stella d'Oro Sun/wd; 1'; small yellow blooms with darker yellow throat…good border plant…blooms mid season & blooms CTS $12.99
Hemerocallis Strawberry Candy sun/wd-3'-profuse blooms of bright coral-pink flowers with red picotee margins and strawberry-red marks , long blooming period. $12.99
Hemerocallis Tiger Blood sun/wd-2'-Cream with great dark red eye and edge; Flower Form 7" trumpet shaped flowers; long blooming period $9.99
Hepatica nobilis sun/wd-10" profusion of violet-blue or purple flowers with white stamens in early open their fullest on sunny days $9.99
Heuchera amer Purple Palace Sun-Ps-16"; foliage purple tinged with brown; most popular Coral Bells…small white flower $4.99
Heuchera Forever Purple Ps/wd/M-15"- ultra-purple glossy leaves with fluted edges, color year-round. small, bell-shaped, purple-pink flowers $19.99
Heuchera Primo Wild Rose ps/wd/M-10"-semi-glossy leaves emerge metallic pink, maturing to a dark berry pink with darker veins $16.99
Heuchera Pum. Spice ps/wd/M-15" Pumpkin Spice bronze orange foliage;heat tolerant Heeucherella is a cross between Heuchera & Tiarella $19.99
Hibiscus Dark Mystery Bitmap Bitmap Sun/avg M-5'- Each flower has a cherry red eye and dark pink veining; 8-9" flowers; mid season deer resistant $16.99
Hibiscus Flaming Little Prince Sun/avgM-30"- Compact. Small green maple-shaped leaves; 10" ruffled neon lavender flowers with pink edges and red centers. $12.99
Hosta Fragrant Blue ps/wd/M/HR- 15"-This is one of our favorite blue hostas for its vigor and tendency to hold the blue late into the season.Lt Lav flowers $9.99
Hosta June Fever ps/wd/M/HR-24" scapes-bright yellow green leaves with a soft sheen, thin darker green margin. Slow growing $16.99
Hosta Maui Buttercups ps/wd/M/HR-18" purple scapes; midsized with deeply-cupped golden-yellow leaves with attractive corrugationa neat green edge $16.99
Hosta Mr Big ps/wd/M/HR-40" x 25"-dark blue-green, very seersuckered and have tremendous substance. Near white flowers $16.99
Hosta Praying Hands ps/wd/M/HR18"-upright long thin wavy & folded leaves with 'praying' appearance'; pale lavender flowers $12.99
Hosta Rainbow's End HOY ps/wd/M/HR-scapes dark purple; The bright yellow leaves of good substance have dark green margins that jet into the center, $19.99
Hosta Shad Etched Glass ps/wd/M/HR-20"V.wide, dark green margin, a brilliant yellow margin. Margins have puckering when plant is mature. white fls. $19.99
Hosta Wheee ps/wd/M/HR-2' Lt lav fls-cream margins which widen as the plants mature, good substance, making them more slug resistant $19.99
Hosta White Feathers ps/wd/M/HR-6"x10"- As it matures, the white leaves transform into a blend of green and cream. Lavender flowers; best in shade $9.99
Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' F sun/sandy soil best-18"-Br yellow fls tip dieback in cold winter climates, blooms on new growth and comes back nicely each spring $9.99
Incarvillea delavayi Sun-ps/wd/M- 2'- lusters of trumpet-shaped, pinkish-red, 2.5" long flowers with yellow throats; mid seaon bloomer $9.99
Iris e DP 'Blueberry Pie' sun/M- 6" Wide, lilac-purple blooms with an irregular white margin.mid season blooms $9.99
Iris g 'Almaden' Sun/M-3' -dark red maroon-rich colored display mid season blooms; German Iris are the Giants of the spring borders $12.99
Iris g 'Ancient Echoes' Sun/M- gold standards, rose border with red-black falls and gold fuzzy beards. Fragrant. Mid-Late; Fertilizer spring & late summer $12.99
Iris g Cajun Rhythm Sun/M-3'- bright orange bloom with white falls that are edged in apricot.All Iris are heavy feeders so feed early spring & late summer $12.99
Iris g Immortality sun/wd/M-29"-extremely handsome with its ruffled pure white blooms rising atop a lovely blue-green .all Iris heavy feeders $12.99
Iris g 'Skyfire' Re-Blooms Sun/M-3'-golden orange flowers with bright orange beards; soft fragrance.All Iris heavy feeders sp feed early spring & late summer $12.99
Iris g 'Victoria Falls' Sun/M-3'-reblooming light blue fall has a "signal patch" of white, highlighting the flower white beards.All Iris heavy feeders..Feed 2x $12.99
Iris psu Yarai(Night Thunder sun/wd/sltly alk 32", mid season blooms, yellow with cream striped leaves $9.99
Iris pum Puddy Tat sun-ps/M-13"; blooms very early; bluish-white standards with purple-black falls. $12.99
Iris s Cape Cod Boys sun/bog/M/acid-27"Periwinkle blue flowers with darker blue veining with yellow signals fading into blue;lots of moisture $12.99
Iris s Sky Mirror sun/bog/M/acid-2'- pale sky blue blossoms adorned with navy blue at the base of each fall and delicate pale yellow signals. $12.99
Kniphofia Flamenco Mix sun/wd/f 22", mid to late season blooms, yellow-orange, flamming red $4.99
Lavender a Blue Cushion sun/wd/avg-16"-early to late summer, the entire clump is covered in a dense mass of deep blue flowers $12.99
Lavender a Hidcote Superior sun/wd/avg 20", mid season blooms. Silvery-grey leaves. Best color of all lavenders 4.99-9.99
Lavender a Munstead sun/wd/avg 14", early to late season blooms, bright lilac-blue flowers, silver-grey foliage. Dwarf 4.99-9.99
Lavender a Vicenza Blue sun/wd-fragrant flowers of lavender blue and foliage make it a favourite for herb gardens and in the perennial border $9.99
Lavender Ellagance Purple sun/wd/avg-14"-Deep purple flowers on tall spikes bloom right from the first year, …Gold Metal winner for it's deep color $4.99
Lavender Ellagance Snow sun/wd-14"-1st year flowering with large white flower spikes. Drought and heat tolerant, its compact foliage and dwarf habit $4.99
Lavender i Grosso sun/wd/avg 24", continuous blooming, very fragrant deep violet blooms $9.99
Lavender i Phenomenal sun/wd/avg-2', fragrant,multiple lavender blooms, great in containers & a great accent plant. Bees love lavender & butterflies $12.99
Leucanthemum Madonna sun-/good drainage-10"-No sunny border would seem complete without the familiar presence of Shasta Daisies. Bright white $4.99
Leucanthemum s Banana Cream sun/good drainage essential-18"-Large, lemon yellow flowers age creamy white,long lasting in bouquets; single $12.99
Leucanthemum s Daisy May sun/good drainage essential 24"super compact, highly floriferous selection; 3" wide, single, pure white; blooms mid-late $12.99
Lewesia c Elise Mix Sun/wd-6"-one of the most treasured rock garden plants. fleshy rosette of tough evergreen leaves, variety of colors & bi-colors $9.99
Liatris s Floristan White Sun/wd-30"- spikes of white long bottlebrush-like flower spikes. Excellent as a cut flower or in the butterfly garden. $4.99
Liatris s Kolbold Strain sun/poor-18"-Liatris is a very strong vertical accent; 'Kobold' is one of the best selections; purple-not grown from seed $12.99
Ligularia the Rocket shade/wd-5'-In the middle of summer it sends up huge bright yellow flower spikes that are fragrant $12.99
Lilies a Forever Susan sun/wd/HR-30"-deep burgundy highlighted by bright orange accents. Flowers bloom mid-June through July. $9.99
Lilies a Purple Eye sun/wd/HR-30"-bold pink trumpet-shaped flowers with a deep purple ring at the ends of the stems from mid to late summer. $9.99
Lilies a Tiny Dbl You sun/wd/HR-14"- The best effect comes from massing in good-sized clumps of one variety $9.99
Lilies a Tiny Ghost red sun/wd/HR-16"-. Expect more flowers per stem than the older "Pixie" lilies.deep red $9.99
Lilies o Bud Light sun/wd/HR-4'- large, fragrant, ivory white flowers with lemon-yellow ribs radiating outward from the centre. $9.99
Lilies o Purple Prince sun/wd/HR-4'-deep purple (up to) 8" dia blooms wonderfully fragrant tree lily that has strong sturdy stems that do not require staking! $9.99
Lilies o Sunny Robyn sun/wd/HR-22"- lovely vibrant upward facing pink flowers edged white, compact & fragrant $9.99
Lilies t flore pleno sun/wd/HR-5/6'tall- bright orange-colored double flowers, counting up to 24-36 tepals, and covered with profuse purple-black spots, $9.99
Linium flavum Compactum sun/wd-15" This superb perennial covers itself with masses of bright golden-yellow flowers all summer long. $4.99
Linium hypericolfolium sun/wd-15"--petaled, sky blue flowers which open for only one day. $4.99
Linum lewisii sun/wd-lowers are pale blue or lavender to white, often veined in darker blue, with varying-length styles.Extremely durable $9.99
Lobelia 'Starship Scarlet' sun/wd/HR-2'; Free flowering,floriferous,very attractive to hummers; scarlet blooms & near black stems $9.99
Lupine Gallery Blue Sun-Ps/M/N -24"- lovely & showy… they will drop their seed so keep this I mind as to where you plant $4.99
Lupine Gallery Mix Sun-Ps/M/N -24"- lovely & showy… they will drop their seed so keep this I mind as to where you plant $4.99
Lupine Gallery Red sun-ps/wd-28"-so beautiful in the garden $4.99
Lupine Gallery Yellow sun-ps/wd-18"- lovely & showy..will drop their seed so keep this in mind $4.99
Lychnis ark Vesuvius sun/wd/m/hr-10"-If you're looking for a plant with purplish leaves in the spring and bright orange flowers, look no further $4.99
Lychnis chal Maltese Cross sun /wd/m/hr-2', intense orange-red, a brilliant addition to the garden $4.99
Lychnis coronaria sun-ps/wd/M/hr-20"- woolly, silver-gray leaves vivid rose magenta flowers (to 1" diameter).Rose campion $4.99
Lychnis flos-cucili sun-ps/wd/hr/m-18", Ragged Robin red/pink fls deeply lobbed fine petals $4.99
Monarda Electric Neon Coral sun-ps/wd/M/HR-20" Huge 3" light coral pink flowers above very dark green foliage. Excellent resistance to powdery mildew. $12.99
Monarda Fireball sun-ps/wd/M/HR-20"-compact, clump-forming perennial with masses of vibrant scarlet red flowers, $9.99
Monarda Jacob Cline sun-ps/wd/M/HR-3'-heads of long tubular deep red flowers.One of the best mildew resistant varieties $9.99
Monarda mix sun-ps/wd/M/HR- 42", mid season blooms, popular bee plants $4.99
Monarda Panorama Red sun-ps/wd/M/HR 42", Red mid season blooms, popular bee & hummer plants $4.99
Monarda 'Raspberry Wine' sun-ps/wd/M/HR-4'- raspberry red blooms are a favorite of hummingbirds, butterflies and bees and appear in July and August. $9.99
Monarda Sugar Buzz Blue Moon sun-ps/wd/M/HR-4- boasting lavender blue flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds, butterflies and bees and appear in July and August. $12.99
Montauk Daisy sun/wd-28", Nipponanthemum; fall blooming oure white flowers with yellow centres... Very nice; deer & pest resistant $12.99
Mysostis Victoria sun-ps/wd/HR-6-8"- clusters of sky-blue flowers bloom early in the spring. $4.99
Nepeta Cat's Pajamas sun-ps/wd-12"-ball-shaped habit carries long, dark flower stems that hold indigo blue flowers.Early blooming $12.99
Nepeta f Cat's Meow sun-ps/wd-12"-blue-purple; plants are very tidy & not like most Nepeta's..blooms early $12.99
Nepeta f Purrsian Blue sun-ps/wd/-14"-Periwinkle blue flowers are coddled by dark purple calyxes with aromatic foliage; early summer- early fall. $12.99
Nepeta r Walker's Low sun-ps/wd-2-3'- high performance & low maintenance variety; $6.99
Nipponanthemum leu. Montauk Daisy... See Montauk Daisy
Opuntia polyacantha sun/V.V.Wd 8", mid season blooms, use high potash to bring into flower, let dry out completely in winter[prickly pear] $9.99
Pachysandra Green Sheen shade/hr/M-6-12"h-extremely glossy foliage;a shrubby, slow growing evergreen ground cover . $9.99
Paeonia Adolphe Rousseau’ sun/wd-M-3'-HUGE dbl late spring display, prized for their large, colourful and fragrant blooms. Deer resistant $16.99
Paeonia Catharina Fonteyn’ sun/wd-M-3'- Its soft salmon-pink double blooms gradually turn white during the season. Fragrant 7" flowers Deer resistant $16.99
Paeonia Dr. Alex Fleming' sun/wd-M-ravishing and fabulously fragrant. It produces large, 6"deep rose-pink double flowers, which fade to a paler pink $12.99
Paeonia Edulis Superba sun/wd-M-2-3'-favored by gardeners for over 100 years wonderfully fragrant double blossoms of rose pink deer resistant $12.99
Paeonia 'Festiva Maxima' sun/wd-M-3'-The large, 5-7" fragrant, pure white double flowers are packed with frilly petals, occasionally flecked with crimson $16.99
Paeonia Kansas sun/wd/M-3'-very large, rose-shaped, double reddish-pink petals that do not fade in the bright sunshine $12.99
Paeonia Solange sun/wd-M-3'- large, fragrant, fully double, creamy white flowers,a suffusion of pale salmon pink within. Heavy blooms,sturdy stems. $16.99
Paeonia Sorbet sun/wd-M-3'-Imagine large anemone-shaped blossoms packed with layers of pink and creamy-white frilly petals. Fragrant, $16.99
Papaver n Champagne Bub sun-ps/wd/HR/M-18" usually self-seed and come back year after year;mixture of orange, yellows. white, red's $4.99
Papaver o 'Bolero sun best/wd/HR-3' rosy purple-red flowers with dark purple eyes and black $9.99
Papaver o Brilliant sun best/wd/HR/ 36" provide a cheerful display of huge brilliant scarlet red satiny flowers in l.spring and e summer. $4.99
Papaver o Harlem sun best/wd/HR-30"-large, double, ruffled, crepe papery, burgundy-rose flowers, dark purple eyes & black splotches..long bloomer $9.99
Papaver o Harvest Moon sun-ps/wd/hr/M/18"- deep, rich tangerine shade that stand out wildly in the garden. $9.99
Papaver o Perry's White sun best/wd/HR-3'-white flowers with a contrasting maroon-purple centre. $9.99
Papaver o Pizzcato sun best//wd/hr This compact-growing strain features flowers in shades of white, pink, salmon and scarlet $4.99
Papaver o Royal Wedding sun/wd-3'-large white blossoms, with a maroon-black eye.They disappear in summer, plant something bushy such as Rudbeckia, $4.99
Papaver o Victoria Louise sun-ps/wd/HR- 6- " bold salmon round flowers with black eyes at the ends of the stems $4.99
Penstemon Mid Masquerade sun/wd/F-40"-Deep burgundy purple leaves look attractive all season long . Rich lavender purple flowers $16.99
Penstemon Pikes Purple sun/wd/F-2'-bushy perennial with short spikes of bright violet-purple trumpet flowers revealing white throats. $6.99
Pervoskia a Little Spire sun/dry/wd-2'-erect, multi-stemmed, sub-shrub or deciduous perennial with terminal panicles of small violet-blue flowers $9.99
Pervoskia Sage Advice sun/dry-32" -bushy upright clump of greyish leaves that are lacy and fragrant. Spikes of violet-blue fls mid to late fall. $16.99
Phlox p Cherry Crush sun/dry/air circulation-10-12"-Large flower heads of pink and white pinwheel blossoms. ; Fragrant $12.99
Phlox p David sun/dry/air circulation-28"- tall white sweetly fragrant large white flowers. Blooms late summer into the fall $9.99
Phlox p Lum Opalescence sun/dry/air circulation-32"-Clusters of light-pink flowers have dark-pink eyes and sit above dark-green foliage $16.99
Phlox p Lum Ultraviolet sun/dry/air circulation-32"-Clusters of dark violet flowers have dark-pink eyes and sit above dark-green foliage $16.99
Phlox p Open Act Blush sun/dry/air circulation-22"-a long season of color in addition to being early blooming, with light Lavender pink flowers $16.99
Phlox p Open Act Ultrapink sun/dry/air circulation- 22"-it is officially the brightest, most vibrant color of the set. Not just pink it is Ultra Pink $16.99
Phlox s Sw Seduction Blue Shade/dry/air circulation-(wood)8"-fragrant lavender blue flowers; ideal for woodland settings; Spring & fall blooming $12.99
Phlox s Vida's pink sun/wd/m-6"..excellent early rock garden plant; bright pink $9.99
Phlox s Vida's purple sun/dry/air circulation-.excellent early rock garden plant; purple $9.99
Phlox s Vida's white sun/wd/m-6"… excellent ground cover… .excellent early rock garden plant; White $9.99
Physalis franchetti sun/wd/m 24", late season blooms, Chinese Lantern, this can be invasive but it is lovely in fall bouquets 4.99-9.99
Physostegia Chrysal Peak White Sun/ps/wd/Hr/M-18"- a compact mound, bearing spikes of classy white flowers from midsummer through the fall $4.99
Platycodon Astra Blue sun-ps/wd-a short dwarf balloon flower with semi-double periwinkle-blue flowers in summer $4.99
Platycodon Astra Pink sun-ps/wd-a short dwarf balloon flower with semi-double bright pink flowers in summer $4.99
Platycodon Fairy Snow sun-ps/wd-10"-Single, white, star-shaped flowers have dark blue lines centred in each petal; Dwarf, compact mound $4.99
Polemonium Heaven Scent sun-ps/wd-18"-The foliage grows about 1' tall and is topped by loose clusters of lightly fragrant, blue flowers in late spring. $19.99
Polemonium Heavenly Habit sun-ps/wd-10-12"-DH-bearing loads of violet-blue, starry flowers, each with a white eye. Blooms appear over a long season. $4.99
Polygonatum od Ruby Slippers shade/wd/M/Hr-3'-bright red, upright and slightly arching stems that are red from base to tip with Mini white bells $19.99
Potentila t Monarch Velvet sun/wd-2'-bushy clumping single X vibrant red flowers; blooms all summer; attracts butterflies $9.99
Primula Oakleaf Yellow Picotee sun-ps/wd/M-12" unusual oak-leaf shaped foliage, bright yellow flowers with orange-red edges appear in early spring, very hardy and compact flowering. $16.99
Primula Pacifac Giant sun-ps/wd/M-10"-Bright flowers are yellow, maroon, lavender, white, pink, or blue-violet, most have large eyes of a contrasting color $9.99
Pulmonaria Spot On p shade/Hr/M-8"produces sweet, little sky-blue flowers in spring. Hummers & bees love the blooms; $16.99
Pulsatillia v Alba good drainage essential/Hr-8"-flowering plant belonging to the buttercup family; white $9.99
Pulsitilia v Violet sun-ps/wd/lime 8", blooms early spring, large 2" violet flowers, attractive seed heads $9.99
Pulsitilla v Rubra sun-ps/wd/lime 8", blooms early spring, large 2" deep red flowers, attractive seed heads $9.99
Rodgersia h ‘Cherry Blush’ dappled shade/M/hr-2'-it produces big plumes of glowing deep-pink flowers in early summer, $16.99
Rudbeckia Autumn Colors sun/wd/M-2'-Bicoloured shades of burgundy and yellow petals surrounding a dark cone $4.99
Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy sun/wd/M- unique cherry to deep-red blooms that are 2-3” wide. It gives impressive garden performance mid summer $9.99
Rudbeckia ful Goldstrum sun-ps/wd 28", late season blooms, black eyed susan 4.99-9.99
Rudbeckia lancinata sun-ps/wd-10'-unusual green-centers surrounded by bright yellow petals; perfect for streambanks & ponds;bees & hummers $4.99
Sagina Lime Moss sun/v.wd/gritty 5", mid season blooms, very small white flower, soft light green foliage, good ground cover $4.99
Sagina subulata sun/v.wd/gritty 5", mid season blooms, very small white flower, soft light green foliage, good ground cover $4.99
Salvia Azure Snow sun/wd/M-18"-compact clump of deep violet blue and white bicolor flowers with attractive dark green foliage.attractive to polinators $16.99
Salvia Back to the Fuchsia sun/wd/M-22"-the darkest pink in this series. tall spikes of vivid pink blooms,deep charcoal-gray stems. Butterflies, hummingbirds $16.99
Salvia Fash Ballerina Pink sun/wd/M-18"- soft pink flowers that are held by dark mauve pink flower whorls. Attractive to polinators $12.99
Salvia Fash Evening Attire sun/wd/M-20"-Huge, vivid violet blue flowers are packed tightly into a refined habit-attractive to polinators $12.99
Salvia May Night sun/wd/M-18"- rich display of spiky flowers in early summer border. medium in size, with flowers of deep indigo violet-blue.Polinators $12.99
Salvia New Dimensions Blue sun/wd/M-18"-chubby spikes of deep and intense violet-blue flowers appearing in late spring. Fragrant-polinators $4.99
Salvia Perfect Profusion sun/wd/M-16"-the blooms are fragrant, soft, and icy blue. Blooms first appear in the early spring and last until late summer.polinators $12.99
Salvia White Profusion sun/wd/M-16"-Pure white flowers are held on a perfectly rounded, dense and beautiful habit. Polinators $12.99
Sanguineria canadensis Sun-Drought tolerent/D-10"- emerges early spring; white with pink tinge; good for naturalizing; woodland $9.99
Sanguisorba Little Angel sun-ps/avg water needs-10"-deep green leaves,creamy white margins that form a dense, petite clump of foliage.Red flower panicles $12.99
Saponaria ocymoides sun/wd 6", early blooms, good ground cover, cut back hard for re-bloom, excellent for walls $4.99
Scabiosa c Pink Mist sun/S/dry-6-8"-bearing a very long display of small button-shaped flowers in a soft pastel-pink shade. $12.99
Sedum Autumn Fire sun/wd/f/n-alk-2'-improved & larger heads & longer blooming time then Autumn Joy.. Great display..rose-pink $9.99
Sedum Autumn Joy sun/wd/f/n-alk 16", late season blooms, purple-rose colors, reliable old stanby for great color in the fall $12.99
Sedum fors.Oracle sun/wd/dry-8"-Rosettes of blue-green, needlelike leaves and bright yellow flowers. Low-growing succulent plant. $4.99
Sedum L Miss Sunshine sun/wd/dry- 10-12"-from early to midsummer, tiny clusters of yellow flowers cover the polished habit. Great ground cover $12.99
Sedum Night Embers sun/wd/dry-24"-upright habit of dark black-purple leaves.Small clusters of light mauve pink flowers are produced on deep red stems $12.99
Sedum oreganum sun/wd/f/n-alk 5", mid season blooms, yellow, forms cushions, red-brown in sunlight $4.99
Sedum Rock & Round Superstar sun/wd/dry-12"-This plant falls into a category of hardy, dome shaped Sedum hybrids; rosy pink flowers with hot pink blossoms $12.99
Sedum s Carl sun/wd/dry-18"-compact habit and large clusters of brilliant magenta pink flowers held on reddish stems $12.99
Sedum s Voodoo Sun/wd/dry/n-alk-tough perennial forms a spreading mat of deep-red succulent leaves. Clusters of tiny rose-pink flowers in summer $4.99
Sempervivien Chick Charm Sun/dry-Succulents are really popular right now and these offer an alternative to some of the more tropical options available today. $9.99
Sempervivien Hens & Chicks sun/wd-3"-produce rosettes of thick leaves that cluster together in colonies of both large and small plants. Foliage color varies ... $9.99
Sempervivum ara Cobweb sun/wd-6"-is a small-growing selection of hen and chicks that is especially lovely with its tight rosettes of cobwebbed foliage $12.99
Sempervivum Peggy sun/wd/f/n-alk-Color ranges from deep purple to bright magenta, depending on the time of the year $9.99
Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh' sun-ps/wd-20"- deep pink flowers are held on upright stems to form pretty spikes; long lasting blooms $9.99
Sidalcea Party Girl sun-ps/wd/18"-flowers in a range of shades from pink to magenta-red. ... Prune back hard after blooming, possible rebloom $4.99
Silene r Rolly's Fav sun-ps/wd-14"- lovely clump of soft foliage with tall stems topped by bright pink flower clusters. long-lasting in the garden $12.99
Stachy's byzantina sun-ps/wd-20"-soft, felty silver grey leaves. Upright spikes of magenta-pink flowers form in early summer, $4.99
Stokesia H'song Purple sun/avg-18"latest and longest blooming variety;large, 2 inch, lavender-blue flowers from mid-summer on $12.99
Sw Cicely sun-ps/wd-12'-tiny white flowers and a pleasant, anise-like aroma; sort of resembles Queen Anne's Lace; good for cooking $9.99
Thalictrum aquilegifolium Ps/M/hr-28"-lacy, refined, bluish-green foliage and its dense panicles of pink, white or purple fluffy flowers. $9.99
Thyme v Lemon Variegated Sun/wd/Hr-6-8" high; bushy; pale Lilac fls;- Golden leaves; Lemon scented; useful polinators; $9.99
Thyme v Pink Chintz Sun/wd/Hr-stunning pink flowers bloom from early to late summer; small fragrant round leaves $ 9.99
Thyme v Silver Edge Sun/wd/Hr-gorgeous variegated Thyme looks beautiful anywhere it is planted! An ornamental variety that is nice along walkways. $9.99
Thymus pseu Wooly sun/wd/N-alk 5", early season blooms, grey-green color, soft fuzzy leaf with lavender flower $9.99
Thymus s Alba sun-ps/3"-in early summer, the dense mats of tiny, dark-green leaves are covered with small white blossoms bees find irresistible. $9.99
Thymus s Mother of Thyme sun/wd/N-alk 12", mid season blooms, , fragrant, ground cover & between stones $4.99
Tradescantia a Bilberry Ice sun/shade/wd-8"-grassy foliage amongst which nestle the cheery lilac and white flowers.Beautiful $9.99
Tradescantia a Red Cloud sun/shade- 2' an exceptional plant; rose-purple blossoms. lots of buds, extending the bloom time up to eight weeks. $9.99
Tricyrtis hirta SHADE/hr/wd/M-10"Artic Orchid; late season display; Star-shaped white flowers heavily spotted with deep wine purple $9.99
Trillium e Red Trillium shade/wd/M-6" dwarf- three red petal alternating with green leaves… very early to bloom $9.99
Trillium e Snow shade/wd/M-6" dwarf.. 3 white petals alteranting with 3 green leaves…very early to bloom $9.99
Trollius c Golden Queen Sun/wd- 3'-extremely popular , bursting into colour in late spring and early summer. semi-double golden yellow flowers $12.99
Valerian officinalis sun/wd 8", mid season blooms, intensely fragrant flower heads, must deadhead immediately after flowering $9.99
Verbascum ph Rosetta sun/wd soil 24 beautiful carmine pink blooms from early to late season $4.99
Veronica 1st Love Sun/ps /sharp drainage-low mound of attractive deep green foliage, bearing numerous spikes of glowing fluorescent-pink flowers $9.99
Veronica long Blue Shades Sun/ps /sharp drainage-3'-blooms with tall, slender blue columns crowded with small tubular blossoms. $4.99
Veronica MS Pink Potion Sun/ps /sharp drainage-16"-clump-forming perennial producing thick spikes of baby pink flowers from early to midsummer $12.99
Veronica True Blue sun-ps/wd/m/avg 18", early to mid season blooms, excellent showy flower which everyone likes, hardy in our gardens $9.99
Veronica V Van Gough Sun/ps /sharp drainage-20"-bright green leaves, long branching spikes of rosy-purple flowers throughout most of the summer months. $12.99
Vinca Bowels Minor sun-ps/wd/m/avg 18", early season blooms, excellent ground cover, evergreen $9.99
Viola c Etain pt shade/Wd- 6" large pale lemon yellow blossoms with lavender margins. Floriferous $9.99
Viola c Rebecca p shade/wd-4-8"-white flushed with lemon yellow & deep purple markings; vanilla scented $9.99
Viola cornuta 'Purple Showers' p shade/wd-4-8"-This variety produces bright purple blossoms, with a tiny yellow eye, held well above the leaves. $9.99
Viola Painted Porcelain p shade/wd-4-8"-large, creamy white blossoms,upper petals have lavender-purple with deeper purple markings in the center. $12.99
Yucca f Golden Sword Full sun/wd-Boldly striped green & creamy yellow sword-like leaves;tall showy spikes of fragrant, ivory white blooms in spring. $19.99


Helpful Hint: when planting perennials it is important to build a good foundation for your plants to live & produce.Make sure your soil is well weeded & ammended with compost.

Every spring your garden needs a good application of bonemeal & a slow release fertilizer & compost if possible.Remember not to fertilze your perennials after August 1st as this will cause fresh new growth & can lead to winter kill. If you want to divide or move your perennials it is always best to do so in the early spring when you see new growth just starting..If you must move plants when they are fully grown & in full leaf, do so on an overcast rainy day, this will help to reduce shock.