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Herbs 2020
Common/Latin Cultivation Garden Use
Basil[several varieties] Wd/Hr/M genovese the best for pesto
Anise Wd/Hr/M used as a flavoring agent. It has a sweet, aromatic taste that resembles the taste of black licorice
Basil Emerald Towers Wd/Hr/M 3'-Well-branched with short internodes makes a beautiful, towering plant with huge harvest potential that stays tidy for many uses
Borage Officinalis Sun/wd/Hr chop leaves & flowers to salad & drinks/tea & honey & lemon.good companion plant for tomatoes, squash & strawberries
Calendula pot marigold Sun/wd/Hr flower petals give delicate flavor & strong color to salads
Cat Grass Sun/wd/Hr your cats will love you for this treat
Chamomile German pH6.7/Wd/S best for tea, the most prolific producer of flowers
Chamomile Roman pH6.7/Wd/S traditional ground cover in english gardens & pathways where it is cut like grass
Chervil Sun/wd/Hr used in soups & salads, can improve every dish in which parsley is used, great for garnish
Chives Regular & Garlic Sun/wd/Hr uses too numerous to mention
Cilantro-Coriander Sun/wd/Hr chinese parsley, grown for it's seed, add to soup, stews or exotic dishes & Vietnamese
Curry plant Sun/wd/Hr brush against the plant for a curry fragrance, curry great in potato salad too
Dill Regular Sun/wd/Hr great in potato & other salads & of course pickles
Fennel,florence Sun/wd/Hr bulb used in salads or cooked as a veggie, anise flavor
Feverfew Sun used as a herbal treatment to reduce fever and to treat headaches, arthritis and digestive problems,
Good King Henry Sun/wd/Hr rich in iron & Vita C. Eaten like Asparagus. Young tender leaves used like spinach
Horehound Sun/wd/Hr used for digestion problems including loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and liver etc
Lemon Balm Wd/pH7.0- attracts bees, bees used in tea to soothe nerves
Lemon Grass Sun A common ingredient in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, among other Asian cuisines, it has a lemon scent and tartness
Lovage Sun/wd/Hr leaves can be picked fresh for salads, celery flavor, add to soups for a fascinating flavor
Marjoram Sweet-A Sun/wd/Hr used in many Italian & greek dishes, a must in every herb garden. Used interchangeably with oregano
Mint Berries & Cream Sun/wd/Hr A compact, perennial with mauve fls in summer and dp-grn leaves that smell & taste of berries and mint.
Mint Candy Lime Sun/wd/Hr a supberb lime flavour with great possibilities
Mint Chocolate Sun/wd/Hr Leaves of chocolate mint plants add versatility to drinks, desserts and garnishes.
Mint English Sun/wd/Hr versatile flavouring for the cook, and home remedies for everything from hiccups to upset stomach
Mint Hilary's Lemon Sun/wd/Hr The tangy mint and lemon scented leaves blend well with summer fruit salads, ...
Mint Jim's Fruit Sun/wd/Hr leaves deep green wih fruity aroma; a favourite huge robust mint
Mint Kentucky Colonel Sun/wd/Hr larger-leaved with extraordinary flavour.Said to be the official mint of Kentucky Derby, where mojitos are abundantly enjoyed
Mint Mojito Sun/wd/Hr very very popular for Mojito coctails
Mint Orange Sun/wd/Hr not only has a citrus aroma and flavor, but it is considerably spicier and stronger than most mints. teas
Mint Strawberry Sun/wd/Hr hardy perennial with small green leaves and lilac flowers in summer. It has the wonderful scent of strawberries with a fruity base.
Nepeta common Sun/wd/Hr Catnip, Excellent for tea
Nepeta Catnip Jr Walker Sun/wd/Hr low-growing,compact catmint packs a punch of lavender-blue flowers from late spring through summer;fragrant;non-seeding
Nettle stinging Sun/wd/Hr HANDLE WITH CARE….IT DOES STING uses, ranging from reducing arthritis pain to treating seasonal allergies.
Oregano greek pH6.7/Wd/S best known with tomato sauce, hot peppery flavor
Oregano Hot & Spicy pH6.7/Wd/S adds zest to meat & sauces, overpowering if used raw,
Oregano Italian Sun/wd/Hr Its taste is zesty and strong and is commonly used in Italian dishes.
Parsley Italian & Curled Sun/wd/Hr Italian(flat leaf) stronger flavor & most popular by chef's, curled more popular to decorate food
Peppergrass Sun/wd/Hr belongs to the mustard family
Peppermint ( cuttings] Sun/wd/Hr relaxes the digestion system causing belching,also for headaches, bowel,muscle & nerve conditions
Rosemary off Arp Sun/wd/Hr up to -10 uses-pot pourri, a spring on the Bar-B-Q for extra aroma to meat.Soups, stew, sauces, pork
Rosemary off Barbecue Sun/wd/Hr makes an excellent potted plant. Valuable culinary uses...Not hardy
Rosemary off common Sun/wd/Hr many culinary uses. Rosemary compliments pork, fish, lamb, poultry, wild game, mushrooms & potatoes
Rosemary off Gorizia Sun/wd/Hr upright(bonsai)- Spicy,ginger fragrance.Leaves are popular for seasoning meats, stews, and sauces. Not hardy
Rosemary off P. Majorica Sun/wd/Hr upright- bright pink flowers. Prolific bloomer
Rosemary off Salem Sun/wd/Hr upright variety can be used for topiary and of course for cooking & drying; pale blue flowers
Rosemary off Santa Barbara Sun/wd/Hr trailing flowers are a very dense color of blue
Rosemary off Spice Isl Sun/wd/Hr Named for its exceptional flavor as a culinary seasoning either fresh or dried.
Rosemary off Tuscan Blue Sun/wd/Hr upright & columnar. Flavor & aroma milder than others
Sage Bergarten Sun/wd/Hr same as common with LOTS of leaves & no flowers- sauces, stuffings,soups,salads,pork & sausage.
Sage off Sun/wd/Hr creeping most common type for flavoring
Sage Royale Raspberry Sun/wd/Hr raspberry-red coloring in spring & summer
Sage Tri-color Sun/wd/Hr although this herb has the same uses as regular Sage the Tri-color is mainly ornamental..hardy
Salvia apiana [white sage] Sun/wd/Hr used for purification, leaves used for teas to cure colds
Satureja Indian Mint Sun/wd/Hr 4"v6'-high-is a highly fragrant, long trailing hanging plant.Make delicious T; Does well in shade, can also take sun.
Savory[summer & winter] Sun/wd/Hr lemon for tea, summer savory the most popular for flavoring, winter is hardy & more flavorful
Spearmint[from cuttings] Psbest/Wd.M/Hr mint jelly, teas, more flavorful before it flowers-don't forget that mint can be kept under control in a pot
Stevia Sun/wd/Hr a sweetner from natural sources, V V SWEET
Sweet Cicely(myrrhis) Sun/wd/Hr Sweet Cicely-anise flavored, provides sweetness when cooked with fruit
Sweet Grass Sun/wd/Hr sweet grass infusions were used by plains indians for medicinal use but first used as spiritual medicine
Tarragon French Sun/wd/Hr essential in sauces,omlettes, marinated meats , so many uses, crush leaves & add to cheese sauce
Thyme Doone Valley Sun/wd/Hr perfect small leafed & very flat, great for walkways & easily to propogate
Thyme English Sun/wd/Hr although thyme's have different uses all are useful in cooking
Thyme Golden Lemon Sun/wd/Hr yellow edged
Thyme Lemon Sun/wd/Hr nice lemony flavor, great for fish etc
Thyme Nutmeg Sun/wd/Hr ideal as a drought tolerent ground cover; pink flowers & nutmeg scented leaves
Thyme Orange Spice Sun/wd/Hr clear orange flavour lingers without the harsh after taste of other thymes.lots possibilities in the kitchen and in tea. dense GC
Thyme vulgaris Sun/wd/Hr most commonly used in cooking for tomato & other dishes
Verbena Lemon Sun/wd/Hr The Queen of lemon-scented herbs;many uses including oils & all lemon flavorings..cold protect
Zaatar(origanum syriacum Sun/wd/Hr one of the world's greatest seasonings; gives life to soups,dips; mix with olive oil on flatbreads
Helpful Hints: Planting an herb garden is not any different than any other kind of garden.Herbs generally require full sun and it might be necessary to protect your garden from drying winds with a fence or screen. Planting an herb garden is not any different than any other kind of garden.Herbs generally require full sun and it might be necessary to protect your garden from drying winds with a fence or screen.

Helpful Hints: Planting an herb garden is not any different than any other kind of garden. Herbs generally require full sun and it might be necessary to protect your garden from drying winds with a fence or screen. Herbs aren't particular about the soil but as with most plants, do require good drainage with added compos or well rotted manure. Consider building raised beds. Add definition & visual interest with paths. Curved paths add more interest & as a focal point at the end of a path add statuary, a sundial or a nice bench.