Grasses & Ferns

BOLD means new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; X-excellent; Gc- ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive.  MOST GRASSES ARE DEER RESISTANT

Grasses / Ferns 2018 
BOLD means new or new to us Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland;Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead;P-poor:S-sandy;Ps-part shade;
X-excellent;Gc-ground cover;N-neutral;A-acid;Alk-alkaline;^-winter protect;Lm-leaf mould;F-fertile;Mt-moisture retentive;STsalt tolerant
Miscanthus-is a warm weather growing plant;need sun & water in dry conditions- Most Grasses are deer resistantand prefer a Neutral to Acidic soil MOST GRASSES ARE DEER RESISTANT & PREFER A NEUTRAL TO ACIDIC SOIL
grass Andropogon geraldi sun-ps/M-6'-warm season grass.Slow spreader..sod forming.Foliage - blue-green; fine to medium blade width
grass Arrenatherum e Variegatum sun/M/wd-16", does it's best growing in the spring & fall when the weather is cooler. Green leaves with white stripe
fern Athryium n Red Beauty ps/m/hr-silver&burgundy variegared fronds ;bright red stems and reddish central veins, tri-color
fern Athryium pictum PS,M,HR-18"-This fern has cool, grey-green, almost silvery, foliage and reddish-purple stalks .
fern Athyrium filix-mas Frizellae PS,M,HR-18PS,M,HR-18"- emerges with bright green fronds that have a distinctive beaded look.
fern Athyrium n Ghost PS,M,HR-1-3'- upright habit and silvery fronds that give it a ghostly look; shimmery whittish color
fern Athyrium n Pictum Applecort PS,M,HR-18"- the same gray/green/silver fronds as var. pictum, but differs by having distinctively crested pinnae on the fronds.
grass Calamagrotis ac Overdam Sun-ps-clay soil-30"-variegated green & white blade. Clump forming
grass Calamagrotis Karl Forester thrives well in clay soil...6' tall pink flowers, non invasive, tall reed grass
grass Carex o Everest sun/wd-2'-is a very distinctive Japanese Sedge with narrow, arching, glossy, dark green leaves adorned with fine silvery edges
fern Dryopteris e Brilliance Ps-shade/M/Hr-2'-a dazzling display of color for every season,turning from bright copper to soft green to russet-orange again
fern Dryopteris f-ms Crispa Cristata Ps-M-wavy pinnae crested & crisped w/ green tassels atop the frond tops.
fern Dryopteris Marginalis Ps/hr/M/18"- Wood Fern-is easily identified because the spores are carried along the very outermost edges of the fronds
grass Hakonechloa Aureola PS/wd-Brightly variegated golden foliage with green stripes near the leaf margins give this Japanese forest grass its distinctive look;12"
grass Imperata c Red Baron sun/wd-2'Leaves are green at the base, with red tips that become more intense over the summer and fall
grass Matteuccia struthiopteris(Ostrich) PS/cool/M,erect divided fronds.4'-Large, dark green fronds arch gracefully and give the tropical feel of a palm. fiddleheads
grass Miscanthus sin Goliath sun/M/F-8-14' with wide, strap-like foliage and huge showy, flower plumes. Excellent upright form. Wind tolerant
grass Miscanthus sin giganteus Sun/M/F-12'- not invasive- corn-like leaves that grow in an overlapping pattern..a beautiful summer hedging
grass Miscanthus sin Adagio Sun/M/F-6'-silvery-green foliage becoming orange, gold and burgundy in fall. It blooms in late summer through fall
grass Miscanthus s Autumn Fire sun/M/F-5'-upright clump of dark-green leaves, turning flame-orange and bronze in the autumn,
grass Miscanthus sin Gold Bar sun/M/F-6'-upright clump of green leaves, each banded horizontally with bright golden yellow. Burgundy-red plumes in fall
grass Miscanthus sin Malepartus Sun/M/F-7'- spectacular ornamental grass grown for its abundant and huge, pink-tinged plumes in late summer early fall
grass Miscanthus sin Rigoletto Sun/M/F6'-variegated, creamy-white with green stripes. Plumes bronze-red turning silver-white
grass Miscanthus sin Sarabande Sun/M/F-5'- blooms August;large bronzy-gold flowers over an arching mound of narrow, dark green leaves.winter interest
grass Miscanthus sin Siberfeder Sun/M/F 8`;Large, feathery plumes that emerge a shimmering pinkish-silver in late summer give this grass its name, 'Silver Feather'.
grass Miscanthus sin Stardust sun/F/M-3-dwarf grass has narrow, green leaves with golden-yellow, horizontal variegation.
grass Miscanthus sin Little Zebra Sun/M/F-4'-green leaves with attractive horizontal banding of creamy yellow.Purple flowers fading to tan
grass Miscanthus sin Zebrinus sun/F/M-7'-Foliage is green with yellow bands; narrow blade width
fern Osmunda cinnamon Ps/wd-30"- green lacy fronds vase-shaped clumps. In early summer vertical spikes of cinnamon red brown in the center.
grass Panicum Prarie Fire F sun/M-4'- red form of switchgrass. Blue-green foliage turns shades of deep red by early summer and butter yellow in late fall.
grass Panicum v Cheyenne Sky F sun/M but will adapt-3'-dense,upright clump of blue-green leaves turning wine red in early summer. Purple flower panicle late
grass Panicum v Heavy Metal sun/M/wide range of soils-4'-foliage is upright and blue-green;narrow blade
grass Panicum vir Hot Rod F sun/M-3'5"- emerges blue green and quickly shifts into full-throttle deep red. It's one of the earliest red Switchgrasses ..
grass Papyrus King & Medium BabyTut- A Sun-ps/M/Hr-lovely garden acccent, great heads, shelter from wind one season-4'
grass Pennisetum P. Fountain- A sun-ps.M/Hr-showy pink 'tails' with burgundy leaves, lovely for mass planting one season
grass Pennisetum Red Head sun moist soil; Burgundy foliage in mid summer; 3'. Zone 6
grass Pennisetum Vertigo- A Sun & warm sheltered area,plant with other fast growing annuals....a HUGE plant one season
grass Pennisetum Midnight Paradise Sun-ps/M/Hr-3-4'-Bronze-purple foliage topped with graceful arches of burgundy-toned seed heads- one season
grass Phalaris arundinacea sun-ps/wd-2'-Ribbon; ariegated it's a fast-spreading the green leaves & creamy white.Great for ground cover
grass Schizachyrium s Prarie Blues Sun/Avg -3'soil;foliage of this strain is an intense blue until fall when the leaves and stems turn shades of purple.
grass Schizachyrium s Twilight Zone Sun/avg-3'-silvery mauve color, upright shape, drought tolerant, great for problem sites.
Helpul Hint: fertilize in april/may & again in early july with a granular all purpose fertilizer 4-12-8. Divide most all perennials in spring or late fall. Iris are best divided in july/august and peonies in late september.Remove spent flowers to keep a neat appearance,to remove unwanted seed heads & sometimes to encourage reblooming.


Helpul Hint: fertilize in april/may & again in early july with a granular all purpose fertilizer 4-12-8. Divide most all perennials in spring or late fall. Iris are best divided in july/august and peonies in late september.Remove spent flowers to keep a neat appearance,to remove unwanted seed heads & sometimes to encourage reblooming.