Illustration of a fern leaf.

2024 Grasses & Ferns

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Key Terms:

Wd – Well drained
M – Moist
W – Woodland
HR – Humus Rich
DH – Deadhead
S – Sandy
PS – Part Shade
FS – Full Sun
P – Poor

LM – Leaf Mold
F – Fertile
MT – Moisture Retentive
X – Excellent
Gc – Ground Cover
N – Neutral
AC – Acid
A – Alkaline
^ – Winter Protection

PS – usually means that it will require early morning sun & not noonday sun.

BOLD – indicates new this year!

Most grasses are deer resistant! Miscanthus is a warm weather growing plant, it needs sun & water in dry conditions.

grass Andropogan g Blackhawks-Sun/medM/wd -5'-near black foliage, upright,finger-like flower clustersresembling 'Turkey Feet'; requires very little care $19.99
fern Athyrium Lady in Red- Ps-M/wd - 30"-slowly-spreading, ruby to garnet red stems bearing lacy, light green fronds. $19.99
fern Athyrium n. pictum Silver Falls-Japanese Painted Fern 12-18", clump forming Silver fronds, long lasting color; purple red midrif; slow growing $16.99
grass Calamagrotis a Karl Forrester-Sun/ps/F/Dry/Soil/MM M/wd/3-5'- a cool season grass that grows most rapidly in the spring season with early blooms. Non invasive $16.99
grass Hakonechloa m Aureola-sun-shade/M- 2' x 2' a very tough long lived yellow & lime variegated grass; dense spreadinggraceful cascade mounds $16.99
grass Hierochloe odorata (Sweet Grass) - M PS-/R/W -1-3' medicinal, use for Tea, to heal chapping & windburm, sacred medicines $12.99
fern Matteuccia s Ostrich- Pshade-/wd/M-6'-Ostrich Fern;clump forming upward arching fronds;Fiddleheads;cinnamon fronds $19.99
grass Miscanthus s Fire Dragon -7' upright grass into intense red and orange hues. Silvery plumes dance above the fiery foliage like smoke. $19.99
grass Miscanthus s Huron Sunrise- Sun/M/F -6' trim to 4" above ground early spring large, burgundy plumes from late summer into fall. Fall/winter almond color $12.99
grass Miscanthus s Little Zebra- Sun/M/F- 4'- trim back to 4" above ground early spring known for it's horizontal banding foliage $12.99
grass Miscanthus s Oktoberfest- Sun/M/F 4.5' before bloom trim to 4" above ground early spring-the foliage is deep purple and red highlights flowers burgundy-copper $16.99
grass Miscanthus s Purpurascns- Sun/M/F - trim to 4" above ground early spring; clump of dark-green leaves, flame-orange & bronze in thefall blooms soft pink $16.99
grass Miscanthus s Siberfeder- Sun/M/F 8`- rim back to 4" above ground early spring Large, feathery plumes that emerge a shimmering pinkish-silver in late summer $12.99
grass Miscanthus x Giganthius -12' trim back to 4" above ground early spring fluffy, fan-like plumes Foliage turns a deep burnt orange $12.99
grass Muhlenburgin Undaunted-Muhly Grass-30"-blooms late with nice pink heads, may self seed $12.99
grass Papyrus King/Medium/Baby Tut -A- Sun-ps/M/Hr-lovely garden acccent,aquatic great heads, shelter from wind one season-4' & taller- Excellent $9.99
grass Pennisetum a Hameln-2-3'h- transforms ordinary edges into lush borders. It works well as filler for large areas or as a specimen in small patios & in containers $12.99
grass Pennisetum Purple Fountain -A- Sun-ps/M/Hr-3'-the foliage is topped with slender feathery pinkish flowers plumes, up to 15 in. long Excellent $9.99
grass Pennisetum Vertigo -A- Sun-ps/M/Hr-Black Fountain Grass-This is a big grass—it will grow up over your head if you water it enough- Excellent $9.99
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Helpful Hints

A fern is a member of a group of vascular plants that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. Keep newly planted ferns well watered for the first growing season while they are becoming established. Plant them in well prepared soil in a protected area. Never let plants growing in 4-inch or smaller pots dry out until they reach a mature size and are well established.

Ornamental Grasses boast a huge variety of graceful, low-maintenance grasses that add a wealth of texture and movement to the landscape,
in colors ranging from soft pink to bright green or intense purple. Some hardy ornamental grasses are suitable for the coldest climates,
while others tolerate intense summer heat or salty air and windy coastal conditions.