Fruit 2019
Kiwi Actinidia-Both male & female are required for fruit production.Twining vine/prune late winter. SUN-F/ WD soil with shelter from strong winds
Issai self fruitful the smooth skinned green fruit are the size of grapes and taste like a sweet tropical kiwi without the fuzzy skin
Asparagus Asparagus Millennium-is the most successful asparagus cultivar ever seen in Ontario. Outstanding flavor
bears fruit at a younger age, disease resistant, needs a little pruning in younger stage. No thorns or suckering.
Blackberry Blackberries Hardy Black-large thornless. Firm but not tart
Blueberries Min.2 varieties should be plant for best production,Acidic soil, can be maintained by using old sawdust/pine needles,never use lime.
Full sun.Prune late winter & fertilize with 10-10-10. Keep 'witches broom out of bushes. It looks like a fast growing 'broom' & snaps off easily
Patriot-early bearing very large juicy fruit; Bluecrop-5 x 5' -high yields, mid season-
Duke - 5-7' - ripens early; firm mildly tart berry; Chippewa- 4 x 4'- very sweet with high yields; mid season yield
Reka-an early season blueberry variety bred in New Zealand, is one of the fastest growing and most adaptable varieties; X tasting
Northland-excellent for jams and baking because of their high sugar content. Medium size berries are of high flavor similar to wild blueberries
Honey Berries Haskap berries are high in V C &a great source of antioxidants..fabulous taste.plant like blueberries. 1st fruit to ripen in spring.
Hascap Borealis Cinderella/Blue Belle (Combo)- another variety that grows & produces well. Same flavor
Hascap Borealis/Tundra (Combo)-firmer & does not bleed like other berries
Hascap Tundra/ Berry Blue-a polinator for Tundra, Borealis or the Indigo types; delicously tart fruit
Haskap Borealis-Produces the largest and best flavoured haskap berry available, cross polinate with honeyberry blue
Horseraddish Horseradish Sun, keep well water. A very invasive,plant where can be controlled
Strawberry Mira-Mulch plants with shavings;use 20-20-20 to transplant , keep runner in the rows & remove blossom the 1st year
Mulch in spring with well rotted real manure, Sun/M/Wd sheltered location- Do Not cut fruit first year & very little the second year
Raspberry Raspberry Nova Red-Sun,plant 3' apart. Cut back to 1' when planting. Fruit on old wood
Raspberries Anne-This sunshine-colored fruit has a unique flavor with hints of apricot. The best flavored yellow Raspberry
Rhubarb Rhubarb Strawberry-Sun,grows in most any soils,but is a heavy feeder. Fertilize spring with rotted manure
Ribes Pixwell Green Gooseberry -4'h x 5'w-self polinating, yellow green fruit, needs regular pruning for better production
Ribes Wellington Black Current -3 x3", large fruit & high yields; high in Vita C, needs less pruning than other varities, good jellies/wine
Ribies Captivator Red Goosebery-5'-almost thornless stems reliably producing good crops of sweet, juicy red fruit red fruit in July
Ribies Consort Black Current-7'-sweet-tart, flavorful black currant—without having to worry about white pine blister rust
Ribies Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry-4'h, self fruitful, red fruit begins producing the 1st year
Jostaberry Ribies Jostaberry Culverwellii- plant in sheltered sun-ps in HR/WD soil - more compact than common variety
Current Ribies Red Lake Red Currant They are sweet, good source of glucose, fructose and sucrose but also rather tart.
Ribies Titania Black Current-3-4'-A very large berry with excellent taste. Very hardy & disease resistant
Ribies White Pearl White Current-X flavour/ heavy cropping. Pale yellow fruits firm ,juicy & sweet enough to eat raw.. jams & jellies
elderberry Sambucus-sun-ps/wd-8', very high in Vitamin C. Cut out weak growth
Grape Vitis-Easy to grow on any sunny wall or fence.Prune mid-winter/Wd/Hr/Neut-alk/Sun -#1 size
Trollhaugen-clusters of black/ blue juicy & very sweet fruit; highly productive; good for jams/jellies; much like Concord
Vandal- Green grape, Juicy, Mid-season, Sweet fruit, Table grapes. Eona- white,tart & mostly grown for wine
Canadese- red seedless; use for fruit & wine or for shade, keep well pruned; Seyval-for white & dry wine; good foor cold climate
Somerset- pink blushed grapes with excellent sweet flavour.; Sovereign Coronation- dark blue/virtually seedless; table. sweet musky taste
Marechal Foch-dark, robust purple-coloured red wine that has strong acidity and mild tannins; Muscat d Swenson-green seeded table grape
Speciality Trees Malus Apple combo 2yr 5/1
Ltd. Quanities Prunus Plum combo 2yr 4 in 1
Prunus Cherry combo 2 yr 5/1
Pyrus Pear combo 2yr 5/1
Peach Reliance-single -self polinator
Helpful Hint: 10-10-10 fertilizer(dry) for every year of the tree life up to 5lbs(MAX) on the drip line OR you can use 'real' barn yard aged
manure on drip line in spring.All fruit need at least 6 hours of sun each day through the summer& fertile soil with good drainage


Helpful Hint: 1/2 lb 10-10-10 fertilizer for every year of the tree, up to 5 lbs[MAX] ,on the 'drip line'-or you can use aged 'real manure' & on the drip line in spring.

All fruit need at least 6 hours of sun each day through the summer & fertile soil with good drainage.