2024 Fruit

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Fruit trees – grow best in Full sun with well-drained soil a sandy, loamy texture.
They also need deep soil to support their deep root systems!

Kiwi Actinidia-Both male & female are required for fruit production.Twining vine/prune late winter. SUN-F/ WD soil with shelter from strong winds
Issai self fruitful the smooth skinned green fruit are the size of grapes and taste like a sweet tropical kiwi without the fuzzy skin $36.99
Asparagus Asparagus -Plant roots or seed in early spring. Important to keep bed free of weeds.. 5/12.99
Do Not cut fruit first year & very little the second year
Equinox Equinox- known for its high yield and quality, including long spears and a tight tip.
Blackberry Blackberries Full Sun, well drained Moist humus rich soil; self pollinating $29.99
Chester- thornless; heavy crop of very large, jet black, round and very sweet blackberries in mid-late summer.
Hardy Black- Thornless, bears clusters of large, sweet and juicy fruits on spiny canes
Blueberries Min.2 varieties should be plant for best production,Acidic soil, can be maintained by using old sawdust/pine needles,never use lime. $26.99
Full sun.Prune late winter & fertilize with 10-10-10. Keep 'witches broom out of bushes. It looks like a fast growing 'broom' & snaps off easily
Bluegold- clusters of edible, medium-sized, blue fruits in summer Bluecrop-5 x 5' -high yields, sweet & juicy mid season;Polaris-5'- very large berry that is firm, light blue and has an excellent flavour.
Duke-5-7' -ripens early; firm mildly tart berry; Elliot- tangy berries in the Fall
Northland-excellent for jams and baking because of their high sugar content. Medium size berries are of high flavor similar to wild blueberries
Heartnut Heartnut- a cross between a japanese heartnut and a butternut; produces fruit in z3;high in Omega fatty acids $29.99
Horseraddish Horseradish Sun, keep well water. A very invasive,plant where can be controlled $12.99
Strawberry Mulch in spring with well rotted real manure, Sun/M/Wd sheltered location- 10/12.99
Mira-Mulch plants with shavings;use 20-20-20 to transplant , keep runner in the rows & remove blossom the 1st year
Eversweet-The plants will produce from spring straight through the fall, even in the hottest parts of summer.High yields
Raspberry Nova Red-Sun,plant 3' apart. Cut back to 1' when planting. Fruit on old wood 5/$15.99
Rhubarb Rhubarb Strawberry-Sun,grows in most any soils,but is a heavy feeder. Fertilize spring with rotted manure $19.99
Strawberry Red-retains red color when cooked..leaves are toxic; reliable
Canada Red - short crown, producing thick, angular stems and enormous, smooth, heart-shaped leaves
Goose Ribes Grow in Full Sun/wd/plenty of composted 'REAL' manure; prune regularily for best production $29.99
Goose Ribes Hinnonmaki Red - outstanding flavor & high yields
Ribes Ribes Hinnonmaki Yellow-improved variety for the home orchard; sweet flesh and a tangy outer skin,
Ribies Ribies Currant Lake Red self pollinating- sweet, good source of glucose, fructose and sucrose but also rather tart.
Ribies Current Black Down self pollinating-Late.Large, jet-black berries that are juicy and flavorful. X in jams, jellies and juice. $29.99
Grape Vitis-Easy to grow on any sunny wall or fence. Prune mid-winter/Wd/Hr/Neut-alk/Sun -#1 size
Belchas White; very productive for table & wine.fall; Trollhaugen-Blue seedless table grape, sweet and mild Concord-like flavor. $29.99
Somerset- red seedless; full & delightful flavor;Briana-greenish gold; Perfect as a juice grape or as a light, semi-sweet table wine.E fall
Marchel Foch wines ranging from light red wine to dark "inky" purple colour ; Frontenac Gris-white wine
Osceola -white wine;X table Grape; Frontenac-An excellent hardy blue wine grape. Very widely planted in Quebec vineyards.
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Helpful Hints

1/2 lb 10-10-10 fertilizer for every year of the tree, up to 5 lbs [MAX], on the ‘drip line’-or you can use aged ‘real manure’ & on drip line in spring.

All fruit need at least 6 hours of sun each day through the summer & fertile soil with good drainage.

The most important gardening tip I can possibly give you is that in gardening proper preparation of soil & nutrients is essential to feed the soil & therefore
this will nurture & feed the plants…. Without proper water, compost you will be disappointed with the result…this applies to ALL gardening!

The surest way to keep garden insects at bay is to grow healthy, disease-free plants that are a more difficult target for bugs and can withstand the occasional attack
more readily. Regularly inspect leaves for discoloration or damage, and remove, deadhead or pinch off diseased plants or leaves. Appropriate watering for your
plant’s needs and healthy, nutrient-rich soil will also help keep your plants healthy. Keep weeds under control, as they can create a safe haven for pests.