2024 Evergreens

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Key Terms:

Wd – Well drained
M – Moist
W – Woodland
HR – Humus Rich
DH – Deadhead
S – Sandy
PS – Part Shade
FS – Full Sun
P – Poor

LM – Leaf Mold
F – Fertile
MT – Moisture Retentive
X – Excellent
Gc – Ground Cover
N – Neutral
AC – Acid
A – Alkaline
^ – Winter Protection

PS – usually means that it will require early morning sun & not noonday sun.

BOLD – indicates new this year!

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Helpful Hints

The browning on Cedars could be mites (usually towards the front of the limb looks thin & on the new growth), use Safers End-All-spring & fall. If browning is on inside of limb & older growth, it could be too thick growth- all cedars should have Lime spring & fall, no matter the age – water well into fall. All cedars are heavy feeders & should be fed every 3 weeks with 20-20-20 (the blue stuff, dissolves in water) up until the end of July OR you can use a dry fertilizer for the first feed in the early spring (a proper tree & shrub fertilizer) & then continue with 20-20-20 as above, every 3 weeks.