Deciduous Shrubs

BOLD means new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; X-excellent; Gc- ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive

Deciduous Shrubs 2019
Genus /Variety Cultivation Garden Use
Amelanchier canadensis sun/wd 6-20 foot (2-6.5m) tall tree that produces white flowers in March.weet, edible berries in June,reddish fall color
Amur River Privet sun/Wd dense growing hedging, upright olive green foliage,wht insignificant flowers, trim 2-3 times a year $14.99e-
Azalea Apricot Surprise sun-ps/hr/A 5'h-apricot-yellow flowers with orange shadings.A Northern Lights Azalea
Azalea Golden Lights sun-ps/hr/A 5'-Golden yellow single blooms…Strongly scented
Azalea Mandarin Lights sun-ps/hr/A 3'- Covered in rich orange blooms in spring. Probably the most striking flowering shrubs
Azalea Rosy Lights sun-ps/hr/A Prolific bloomer of deep dark rosy pink blooms
Azalea Westons Pink & Sweet sun-ps/hr/A Extremely fragrant pink flowers bloom in spring on this deciduous beauty. Foliage turns purple-red in fall.
Berberis t Royal Cloak sun-wd/A/clay soil/prune after flwr 4 x4',fast growing, showy yellow flowers,Xlarge burgundy foliage,
Berberis t Rose Glow sun-wd/A/clay soil/prune after flwr 5' x 4'w, pink mottled foliage
Buddlei d Little Nugget Sun/wd/ protect from winter winds 5'- fragrant, attracts butterflies
Buddlei d Black Knight Sun/wd/ protect from winter winds 5'-blue purple blue-purple; fragrant, attracts butterflies
Buddlei d Miss Molly Sun/wd/ protect from winter winds 5x5'blend of red, magenta, and burgundy, closest to the "true red"
Caryopteris cl Sapphire Surf F sun/wd/M/deer resist 2', prune early spring to keep shape; profusion of deep blue blooms late
Chaenomeles s Toyo Nishiki sun-ps/M/wd sun-ps/M/wd-up to 8' abundant clusters of reddish, pink and white blooms,deer & rabbit resistant
Chaenomeles spec Toyo Nishiki sun-ps/M/wd sun-ps/wd/M-8'- abundant clusters of reddish, pink and white blooms. Edible. Remove root suckers
Chamenomeles s Geisha Gold sun-ps/M/wd 4x4'-semi double, profuse and a soft apricot
Clethra a Caleb Vanilla Spice M/waterside M/waterside-5'-Fragrant summer bloomer with Xlarge 12" long white flowers. Butterflies. Deer resistant
Clethra al Crystaline(Sugartina Sun-ps 3x3'-his dwarf clethra has fragrant, pure white flowers in late summer. Butterflies
Cornus kousa Satomi sun-ps/wd not wet feet soft pink four petaled flowers; very popular.
Corylus av Red Dragon sun-ps/M/wd/S 12'-compact,semi-weeping small tree & twisted branches.Edible nuts
Cotinus c Winecraft Black full sun and prune lightly in spring for best results mid summer blooms sizable smoke-like red flowers
Cotinus cog Royal Purple full sun and prune lightly in spring for best results 10', foliage dark purple,pink flowers looks like smoke-this is the best "smoke' variety
Cotoneaster d Coral Beauty Wd/F/little or no pruning 20"h x 6.5'w, glossy greenhite foliage, white flowers, GREAT GC for large areas
Cystisus p Warminster sun/wd/P/A 5'-Pale yellow pea-like flowers are fragrant . Pinch tips to promote bushiness
Deutzia le Compacta Sun/adaptable soil conditions 3x3'-compact shrub with white lightly fragrant flowers in early Summer.
Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossoms Sun best/wd/m/hr 6'-Incredible clusters of small cupped mockorange-like pink flowers laced with white;
Deutzia Yuki Snowflake Sun/adaptable soil conditions 2'-Hundreds of elegant star-shaped fragrant blossoms in spring,
Eleaganus a Quicksilver Sun-ps; WD 6 x 6'.. Sterile, not weedy; excellent backdrop for displaying flowers etc
Euonymus Compacta Sun-Ps/Wd/M/prune spring Sun-Ps/Wd/M/prune spring- 8x8', Brilliant red fall color, very deep green leaf
Exordia mac Lotus Moon sun-ps sun-ps-5'-pearlbush, this spring bloomer is covered in white round flower buds resembling a string of pearls.
Exordia Snow Day Blizzard sun-ps sun-ps/A/wd-6'-a blizzard of pure white flowers in spring. Huge extra large flowers .prune to keep tidy
Forsythia Northern Gold Sun/wd-6' prune right after flowering Prune IMMEDIATELY after flowering...If you don't prune it will go wild & stop blooming, eventually
Genita Lydia Bangle sun/wd 2 x2'-arching trailing branches of bright yellow- Deer resistant
Hibiscus s Lady Stanley sun/HR/wd/neut-alk 8'-a gorgeous variety with semi-dble to dble pinkish white flowers,purple veins
Hibiscus s Lucy sun/HR/wd/neut-alk 8'…double red… stunning
Hibiscus s Minerva sun/HR/wd/neut-alk no pruning necessary 9';
Hibiscus s White Chiffon sun/HR/wd/neut-alk 8-double white
Hydrangea a Annabelle sun-ps/prune e spring 5'- July, it produces huge round heads of pure white blooms Bloom on New wood
Hydrangea a I.Mini Mauvette sun-ps/prune e spring 3'-flowers are a deep pink-mauve, strong, sturdy stems. Re-blooms
Hydrangea m Endless Summer sun-ps/prune e spring 5'-Huge blooms repeats;blooms old & nu wood; pinkwhite edge (depending on soil pH)
Hydrangea m ES Bloomstruck sun-ps/prune e spring 5'-mophead; mature to shades of purple or rosy red (depending on soil pH)
Hydrangea m Twist & Shout sun-ps/prune e spring 5' mophead;Pink or light pink, flat-topped flowers with a bluish cast
Hydrangea p Grandiflora sun-ps/prune e spring up to 25'-Large,giant white flower heads reaching 6 to 18" long turn pinkish with age.
Hydrangea p Magical Fire sun-ps/prune e spring 4x4' compact with lacy,white flowers & will be the first to show red color..New wood
Hydrangea s Preziosa sun-ps/prune e spring 5'; pale green to yellow,cream & white before turning pink,cherry red & then wine
Hydrangea s Tuff Stuff sun-ps/prune e spring 3.5'- blue pink purple blue-purple in acidic soils, pink in basic ones; re-blooms
Ilex v combo S.Gentlemen/Winter sun-ps/slightly acid blooms mid summer;no fragrance; female Is showy & attractive to birds
Ilex vert Winter Red sun-ps/slightly acid 8';blooms mid summer; female Is showy & attractive to birds
Kalmia Minuet Ps/M/Hr/wd Ps/M/Hr/wd-3'-mid June, pale pink buds that open to a broad ring of bright cinnamon red in the interior
Kolkwitzia amabilis Best grown in cool, moist, rich, acidic, humusy, well-drained soils in part shade 6-9'h called Beautybush, with its masses of pink flowers blooming in April and May.
Lespedeza t Gibralter sun/Vwd 5'-prune late winter;drooping racemes of rosy-purple, pea-like flowers; blooms late summer
Magnolia Elizabeth sun-ps/wd Mags do not like wet feet 30'-blooms early, fragrant, light yellow
Magnolia Judy Zuk sun-ps/wd Mags do not like wet feet golden with pink striping,fragrant& pyramidal growth habit in 10yrs.
Magnolia l Leonard Messel sun-ps/wd Mags do not like wet feet 20'-( small tree) smothered in fragrant fuchsia star-shaped flowers with shell pink overtones
Magnolia soulangeana sun-ps/wd Mags do not like wet feet Early blooming flowers in shades of white, pink &purple.
Magnolia Susan sun-ps/wd Mags do not like wet feet 25' small tree with fragrant reddish-purple flowers in mid to late spring
Philodelphius Snowbelle Sun/Wd/prune hard after flowering 4x4', abundant double fragrant flowers,spring blooming
Philodelphius Starbright Sun/Wd/prune hard after flowering Very large pure white flowers. Starbright is a new variety
Physocarpus o Little Angel Sun/wd under 2 feet tall, gorgeous orange-red foliage in spring that darkens to burgundy in summer
Physocarpus op Coppertina Sun/wd 8' Coppery-orange foliage all season long. White flowers in early summer
Potentila f Pink Beauty sun-ps/wd 30"-pink flowers June until frost flower color is best with afternoon shade
Potentila Goldfinger sun-ps/wd 3'-large, rich yellow blossoms bloom all summer, deer resistant;one fo the best yellow blooming
Prunus t Multiplex[F.Almond sun/wd 15'-often as a small tree. Pink, five-petaled flowers in fruit
Rhus (common)(sumac) sun-ps/any soil 10-12', very tripical looking but very invasive...plant where it can spread easily
Rhus aromatica Grow Low sun-ps/any soil 2'H x 8'w-small yellow flowers with red hairy fruit in autumn. Excellent coice for ground cover. Fragrant
Salix discolor Pussy Willow sun/wd/M 15'-Pussy willow produces silver, upright catkins on leafless stems late in winter .Shrub
Salix int Hakuro Nishiki sun/wd/M 12' pink stems with pink & white foliage; color will stay better if pruned back regularily
Salix intregra Flamingo sun/wd/M prune for best display- 4 x 4', pink white & green leaves, stunning color, don't forget to prune 🙂
Sambucus n Black Tower sun/wd/M 8'-a stunning, purple shrub with pink blooms, deep-purple foliage, and blackish-red berries
Sambucus Sutherland Gold Pshade/wd 10'-luminous lacy foliage; copper-red in spring & turns gold chartreuse; white flowers first
Sorbia sorbifolia Pshade/wd 5 x 5'- Remove suckers. False Spirea..White pyramidal shaped flowers, lacey leaves
Spirea b Goldflame sun-ps/M/wd 4' yellow gold foliage with clusters of rose-pink flowers in late spring… reblooms
Spirea billiardii(since 1854 sun-ps/M/wd 6hx4'w-DH to have panicles of closely packed with small, rose-pink flowers throughout summer
Spirea cin Grefsheim sun-ps/M/wd 4' long lasting small white flowers,arching habit. Too much pruning could ruin the natural arching
Spirea j White Gold sun-ps/M/wd 10" this eye catching brilliant white flowers topping dazzling golden foliage
Spirea nip Snowmound sun-ps/M/wd 4-6' prune after flowering. Branches heavy laden with tiny flowers that give the appearnance of snow
Spirea Vanhoutii Bridal Wreath sun/WD/prune after flowering 8'-covered with a mass of tiny white flowers that grow downward
Syringa Beauty of Moscow Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering The large, gorgeous, white double flowers with a tinge of pink ..
Syringa Bloomerang Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering 6'h-Dk Purple-Dark purple blloms in spring & then again in late summer
Syringa Mme Lemoine Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering 6'h- one of the best white Lilacs fragrant, double, white flowers. .
Syringa Monge Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering 6'h- 9 in. long packed with fragrant, single, reddish-purple flowers.
Syringa p Miss Kim Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering Shrubs A dwarf, compact lilac with pale purple flower buds open lavender blue.
Syringa vul Sensation Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering 9'-large single purple flowers with a distinctive white margin-fragrant
Syringa vulgaris Sun/Hr/Wd/LIME/prune after flowering 15' x 12', fragrant lilac flowers
Viburnum ca Compactum sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flowering 4'-dense mounded shrub with small intoxicatingly fragrant white flwrs
Viburnum op Roseum sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flowering Common Snowball, blooms heavily in the Spring. It gets covered with large, white 3-4" 'snowballs' …
Viburnum tri Wentworth sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flowering 8'-European Cranberry-upright with heavy fruity tasting cranberry; good for making jelly
Weigela f Czechmark Too Pink sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering 40"- Selected especially for their pure, true colors and bountiful bloom set, a true pink
Weigela f Sonic Bloom sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering 5'-red, reblooming
Weigela f Spilled Wine sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering 3x3; 'dark purple leaves all season; bright pink funnel shaped pink flowers
Weigela f Wine & Roses sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering 5' Rosy pink flowers appear in late spring and often rebloom in summer
Weigela flo My Monet Sunset sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering new dwarf has gold foliage and nice red fall color.Soft rosy flowers
Weigela Trilogy sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering 3 1/2'-Flowers start out white and soon transition to pink, then finally red.

Helpful Hint: No pruning or fertilizer, compost is fertilizer too, to trees or shrubs after august 1st, it promotes new growth which will freeze off in the winter resulting in winter kill of the plant. Water heavily until freeze-up, especially on newly planted material or in a year suffering from drought When planting trees/shrubs it is best to not use any fertilizer in the hole, except bonemeal, which should be worked in with the soil & peat moss should be worked well into the soil,below the roots, as well. Allow lots of room in the hole for the roots to spread out. If the root is pot bound make several long slashes from top to bottom of the root allowing the new roots to escape. Water the hole well. It is very important to have the water in the hole where the roots are trying to get established. Cover in the roots with the soil you removed from the hole & tamp lightly working around the root ball & fill the hole with soil. Create a 'basin' effect to catch the water. Water well  once a week even in the rain, unless it is a very heavy rain.