Broadleaf Evergreens

BOLD means new or just new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; X-excellent; Gc- ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive

Broadleaf Evergreens 2021
Species/Variety Culture Garden Use
Andromedia p Blue Ice A/wd-Nice Blue foliage& clusters of pink flowers in the spring $19.99
Buxus Green Mountain Ps/Wd/F/sun may cause scorch-small upright shrub with a pyramidal shape. Dense dark green foliage $59.99
Buxus Green Velvet Ps/Wd/F/sun may cause scorch-30"x30"-dark greenfoliage large green leaf $49.99
Euonymus f Emerald Gaiety sun-ps/wd/average-deep green & Gold variegated foliage…Very showy.. A great ground cover $36.99
Euonymus f Emerald Gold sun-ps/wd/average-deep green & white variegated foliage; it takes on a rosy hue in the fall $19.99
Gaulthera p (Wintergreen shade/A/M-a low spreading mat of rounded glossy green leaves with red berries $29.99
Hedera Thorndale sun-ps/wd/average-deep green leaves with creamy white veining..Great ground cover 29.99/1g
Ilex combo Blue Price/Princess Sun-ps/M-6'x5'w- M&F in one pot to grow as a single plant..DO NOT SEPARATE $99.99
Ilex m Blue Prince Sun-ps/M-15'- an excellent pollenizer for female Hollies..Very hardy $59.99
Ilex m Blue Princess Sun-ps/M-15' showy bright red berries… good companion to Blue Prince or any variety male Holly $62.99
Pieris j Flaming Silver sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-6'-new leaves are red-pink & finally greeen with silvery white edges $74.99
Pieris jap Mountain Fire sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-12'x9'w- get's it's name from bright red leaves late season $29.99
Rhodo Cunningham's Blush sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-4-6' tall- pale mauve-pink, marked red and brown,;no fragrance $36.99
Rhodo Cunningham's White sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-clusters of lightly-scented white trumpet-shaped flowers with a chartreuse blotch $36.99
Rhodo Dbl Besse noon shde/A/m/wd/prun & fert after flowering-4x4'-spectacular specimen; distinctive double Raspberry Red $79.99
Rhodo English Roseum sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr- 6'-profuse, large, dome-shaped clusters of 8 to 10, trumpet-shaped, lilac rose flowers with delicate orange freckles. $59.99
Rhodo Helikki sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-6'-Broadly rounded evergreen grown for its profuse, purple red flowers in late spring. $36.99
Rhodo Ken Janeck sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-reaching 3x5' in 10 yrs-displays abundant clusters of soft pink trumpet-shaped flowers. $29.99
Rhodo Minnetonka sun-ps/M/v wd/hr/a//prune & fert imm after flwr- 8'-clusters ofdeep violet red buds opening to lavender trumpet-shaped flowers $29.99
Rhodo Nova Zembla noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering-6x5'w- vigorous, brilliant red flowers $29.99
Rhodo PJM Elite noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering-flowers have wavy edges are 1 1/2" across; lilac purple to light violet $59.99
Rhodo yaku Crete sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-3x3'-deep rose flower buds opening to shell pink in spring $79.99
Rhodo yaku Prince noon shde/A/m/wd/prun & fert after flowering-3x3'-clusters of shell pink trumpet-shaped flowers with white overtones and red spots $79.99
Vinca m Bowles Variety Shade/wd/m-dense low growing mat of glossy dark green leaves studded with bright blue flowers 9.99/5`pot
Rhodo Pearce Amer Beauty noon shde/A/m/wd/prun & fert after flowering 6'; slow growing;deep rose blooms, each set off by a bold gold flare
Vinca m Bowles Variety Shade/wd/m dense low growing mat of glossy dark green leaves, studded with bright-blue flowers in spring
some of these plants need a burlap protection in winter Always use BL evergreen food only early in the season
do not use any miticides never water over the top of leaves Fertilize with proper Rhoddo food,NOT Aluminun Sulphate..FERTILZE RHODO'S IN SPRING AFTER FLWERING & IN JULY
use Neem Oil. Mulch to provide sufficient moisture
stem starts getting black.Botrytis,usually caused by roots not taking up water each time you water it makes the problem worse.Usually caused by real wet winters & then we get a period of real hot weather. Cut back beyond the black. Supply good air circulation & practise good sanitation…deadhead decaying flowers
female hollies have a 'bump in the middle of the flower-male hollies have an indent in the middle of the flower For best results use proper fertilizer for Hollies-One male Holly will fertilize 5-6 females Every 3 years the hollies will shed the older leaves.If, for whatever reason hollies completely de-foliate, they will usually return
if stems are not black.Give 2 feedings[no more] of All Purpose Miracle GroThis is good advice for all dead-looking trees/shrubs If Hollies look a little yellow, give them a small amount of Lime[yes! Lime] because yellow means tooooooo much acid Using proper fertilizer is important to the nutrient supply for the plant. Usually sold in small size packages Aluminun Sulphate is NOT a fertilizer, it is for acidifying the soil


Helpful Hint: some of these plants needs a burlap protection in winter. Always use broadleaf evergreen food, only early in the season.  Rhoddo/Azalea- DO NOT use any miticides-NEVER water over the top of the leaves. Fertilize with proper Roddo food...Aluminum Sulphate is not a fertilier but is used to acidify the soil only. Fertilizer in early spring and after flowering, to set buds for next season.  Leaf Chewing Beatle- use Wilson's Borer Killer, use this in the spring as the beatle over winters, summer & fall use would be too late.  Leaves turning black & stem start going black, it is Botrytis, usually caused by root not taking up water....Usually caused by real wet winters & then a period of real hot weather. Cut back beyond the black, supply good air circulation & spray with Ferban(Fruit +)    Holly-female hollies have a bump in the middle of the flower & male hollies have an indent. Use the proper fertilizer for Hollies or a good alternative would be Pink Vigoro or Tree & Hedge...Using proper fertilizer is important to the nutrient supply of the plant. One male holly will pollinate 5-6 females.  Every 3 years hollies will shed their older leaves..if, for whatever reason hollies completely de-foliate the leaves will usually return if the stems aren't black...Give 2 feedings(no more) of All Purpose Miracle Gro.  This is good advice for all dead-looking trees/shrubs...Yellow Hollies need a small amount of LIME, yes lime as yellow means too much acid-