BOLD means new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; X-excellent; Gc- ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive

Annuals-nearly all paks contains 6 plants--$3.19... all prices final at checkout; some varieties as listed may be N/A for various reasons. Varieties potted plants are too numerous to mention.Prices for them are mentioned under pots & containers section

Annuals 2019
Plant Name Series Lite requirements-soil requirements-height in CM, brief description
Ageratum Horizon/Blue Danube Sun-avg-20-76c, medium blue
Alyssum different colors Ps-avg-10c, nice for borders, trim back if it goes to seed
Aster different varieties Sun-avg-25-90c, several different varieties, excellent for fall bloom
Begonias Wax Sun/Ps-avg-15c, red,white,coral,bi-color or pink flowers. Green or bronze leaves
Cabba /Kale different varieties Sun-avg-25c, pink, white or red nice for fall color
Calendula Pacifac Beauty Sun-avg-70c, for summer &fall, brilliant display of color, use petals in hand cream
Celosia different varieties Sun-wd-15-70c, long lasting blooms, good dried, you'll be happy to have this in your garden
Cobaea cup & saucer vine sun-avg-20', planted around our perennial log house every year, V.V. POPULAR- pots $6.19
Coleus different varieties Ps-wd-25c, colorful foliage, excellent shade plant
Cosmos different varieties Sun-wd-60-120c, compact, semi-double blooms, very showy
Dahlia mix, individual & pot varieties Sun-avg-36c, mix colors, semi-double 2 1/2" blooms
Dianthus mix & separate color Sun/Ps-avg-26c, fringed, very hardy, sold as an annual
Dried small assort. sun-avg, statice(annual & perennial),chinese lantern, silver dollar plus others
D'Miller Silver Dust Sun-wd-20c, silver-grey foliage, it may last in the garden, as is, several years
Gazania different mixes Sun-wd-20c, flowers close at night, great for hot dry area....sold in 4/paks
Gypsophilia Gypsy Rose Sun-avg-20c, small double light pink flowers, great filler & in beds
Heliotrope Marine Sun-wd-61c, purple, vanilla scented, atracts bees
Impatience many colors there was no outbreak of any diseases in impatiens for the last 3 years so we are offering them again this year
Lavatera rose Sun-wd-60, 4" flowers with waxy sheen, georgeous
Lisianthus blue/yellow Sun-wd-20 c, beautiful cp-shaped double flowers, sold in 4/paks
Lobelia Uprite & trailing Ps-wd , blues, white, red, upright & trailing & mixes
Marigold many varieties & colors Sun-avg, 20-60c, different shades & heights of yellows, oranges, reds, mixes & bi-colors
Millet purple majesty Sun/Ps-wd-150c, a foliage plant, striking corn plant, great accent plant, sold 1/pot -6.19
Mimulus Monkey Flower Ps-wd-20c, speckled mix, free flowering & branching
MinaLobata Exotic Love Sun/Ps-wd-8', unusual vine, colored from orange to red to cream flowers, growing, Popular! Sold 3/pot- $6.19
M. Glory mix,blue/red Sun-M-12', sold in large & large cagged pots- heavenly blue the most popular
Nasturium mixed colors Sun-avg/poor-31, popular as edible flowers to garnish salad too
Nemophilia Baby Blue Eyes Sun-wd-8c, ideal border plant, cup-shapedflowers, blue, nice
Nicotiana mix Sun/Ps-wd-30c, white, extremely fragrant, (flowering tobacco)
Nolana Little Bells Sun-dry-25c, blue-purple morning glory-type bloom, very attractive
Pansy/Viola faces & plain & frost hardy Sun/Ps-wd-18c, beautiful happy faces
Petunia Dbl, single, wave Sun-avg-25c, many varieties color & habit. Waves 1/POT- $3.19
Poppy Shirley Sun-wd-45c, single, delicate & popular. Self seeding
Portulaca different colors Sun-wd-15c, moss rose, gorgeous blooms
Ricinus Castor Oil Plant Sun-wd-200c, very large & tropical in appearance- sold in individual pots 3/pot $6.19
Rudbeckia Indian Summer Sun-wd-12-30" very popular , great show of color for fall, self seeds for next years flws
Salvia Assorted/farinacea Sun/Ps-wd-20-61c, red, white,burgundy, bi-color & mix
Snaps Assorted Sun/Ps-avg-30-9-c, individual & mixed colors
Spanish Daisy profusion Sun/Ps-avg-20c,prostrate branches with delicate white daisy's, great filler...popular
Stocks Dwarf 10 Week Sun/Ps-wd-31c, highly recommended for bedding plants
Sunflower diffcolors&heights Sun-avg-1-6', makes a great fall show of color
Sw Pea Mix Sun-HR-6', 6-7 large blooms per stem
Thunbergia Blk Eyed Susan Vine Sun-wd-vine-great for hanging baskets & containers, mixed colors - sold in 4/paks
Torenia Wishbone Flower Sun/Ps-wd-20c, looks like a minature pansy
Verbena Assorted incl BONARIENSIS Sun-wd-10, very pretty, mixed & individual colors, bonariensis(60c) lilac color- a must! (4/pk) -self seeding for next year
Zinnia different varieties Sun-wd-30-75c, zinnias like it very HOT, dry & sunny
Helpful Hint: deadhead spent blooms for a cleaner appearance & to keep new blooms arriving
Amend garden soil every year and always use NEW soil in your containers for extra rewards


Helpful Hint: deadhead spent blooms for a cleaner look & to keep new blooms arriving. Amend the garden soil for extra rewards